Summary: When an Otaku reincarnates as a dungeon core, he finds himself in a world where almost all men have been wiped out. Women have taken over the roles of adventurers, known as heroines. After a particularly desperate heroine falls into his clutches, he discovers two things. First, that once a heroine is pushed into despair, she reawakens as a demoness who will serve her Master in any manner he desires. Second, in a world without men, every woman is thirsty for pleasure. For a man who lived his life watching hentai, he knows how to give women both pleasure and despair, and he plans to corrupt every beautiful heroine in a dungeon that won’t take their life, but it may ruin their bodies and souls.

Tags: Dungeon-core, R18, womens-world, monsters, fantasy, rape, slavery, devilgirls, monstergirls, monsterrape, comedy, drama, harem

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