The wrong code is appearing in my cart.

You can remove a voucher code in checkout (the payment screen). The code will NOT remove in the shopping cart. You can then add the most applicable code there. You can find the codes below.

How do you order more than one free eBook?

You only get one code, but it will work up to three times based on your membership. Add a book to your cart, put in code, buy. Add a second book to your cart, put in a code, buy. It’s that simple.

How do they work?

The vouchers are an automatic discount that appears when you’re signed in. Simply add a story you want to your shopping cart from my store. Then, go to the cart. If you are signed in at the appropriate tier, the discount will apply automatically. You must be signed in as a member to use the vouchers. If you discontinue your membership, the voucher is no longer useable.

What if I don’t want to use the voucher right now?

You can remove a voucher code in the checkout screen before paying with Paypal. You cannot remove it in the shopping cart. If you do return to the shopping cart, it should reappear.

Only one discount appears and I have multiple.

You can only have one discount active at a time. It will always default to the most applicable one first. Once it has been used, the next one will appear once your cart is filled again.

Why do I have to place an order for each coupon instead of using them all at once?

Coupons are automatically applied by a plugin. The way the plugin is built, it will apply the coupons whether your cart meets the conditions for them or not. I’ve had users buy one eBook while having two active coupons, and then place the order only for both coupons to be flagged as used. Rather than have people wasting their coupon because they don’t pay attention, I had to make it this way.

My voucher doesn’t appear.

There are three reasons a voucher might not appear. First, you do not have an account that offers it. Second, you have already used it. Third, particularly between the 1st-5th of every month, I may not have created a new one yet. I leave a small gap between voucher releases so members don’t double dip.

What if I don’t download the file before clicking off the page?

If you don’t download the file and didn’t save the link, you should be emailed the link after purchase. That will contain the link to the files. If you are not emailed after the purchase, then you can go to “Shop” and click on the Account. As long as you paid while signed into your membership, your downloads should be there.

What if I didn’t download there, I didn’t sign into WordPress, and I didn’t receive an email?

Contact me

How long will the eBooks be available for download?

I leave them available as long as possible. However, please do NOT depend on your account as a means of permanently storing your copy of the eBook. Upon purchasing it, the general expectation is that you download and keep the file. All of my purchase records were wiped after December 2019 when my host cancelled my site. Some users have had success recovering their file via the email’s link. If you do truly lose the file and cannot replace it, please contact me and I can restore it.

Do I have to purchase extra versions and revisions of your eBook?

I will update all books directly at the source. New revisions and book formats will be directly added to your library. As long as the download is still in the purchase record, the copy you download will be the most up-to-date version. If for some reason, you’re not able to get the format you need (and I’m offering it in that particular book), please contact me.

I need it in a format you don’t offer.

I am also posting my eBooks on and Smashwords. You can check to see if the book you want has been released there.

How do I read these books?

The digital books come in three file formats, PDF, Mobi, and ePub. PDF retain the same appearance across all platforms, and can be viewed with any PDF reader. Mobi is the format for Kindle, and requres a kindle reader. ePub is a html format which had some versatility. You’d need an ePub reader to open. Due to website security reasons, my ePub and Mobi files come zipped, so you will need to unzip the files to read them.

How do Onaniphile, Hand Solo, and One Eyed Monster members get their free books?

You can download them. The eBook library is here. The comic book library is here. You can only download them as long as you’re a member. Please do not distribute them to others. If the book you want is missing, please contact me and I’ll add it.