This is a fanfiction. Mars Gravity, the writer of Against the Gods, has full rights to the original story, which is currently being translated at Wuxia World. The author tossed out a joke upon skipping a sex scene that 98,000 characters of indecent words were omitted from the text. Leave it to a fan to fill in that text. I tried to write in as close to the style of Mars (or at least Mars’s English Translation) as I could. Well, I only ended up with 35,000 characters. I couldn’t come up with much more without becoming redundant or making characters act out-of-character. Since I only wrote the first day of a three day binge, you can imagine the other 60,000 characters can be day 2 and 3. I tried to keep things in line with the text as much as possible. Hope you enjoy.

“…” Qianye Ying’er’s eyes gave away nothing, showing nothing but an expressionless iciness as Yun Che’s coarse fingers ravaged her jade-like skin.

Yun Che didn’t hesitate to indulge, his hands kneading the soft lumps of her chest aggressively and painfully. Qianye Ying’er disliked being touched, and until now had never been touched by a man. For such a woman, this humiliation spread a feeling of shame through her body. Yun Che eagerly squeezed her breasts, using his thumb and forefinger and pinching her nipple.

“So, even your nipples become erect when played with, and here I thought they were just for show.” Yun Che chuckled, his voice low, but still loud enough for her to hear.

“…” She had no clue how to respond to his words.

However, he never planned to give her time to think about it, because he threw his body against hers, his lips finding her soft, white neck and biting down. Although Qianye Ying’er still had the body of a god emperor, Yun Che didn’t lack in strength when it came to the physical body, and in the end, he had created a mark on her neck. It was red, but it slowly turned to black.

Yun Che was exceptionally skilled in such things, and so he made sure to do it in a way where the mark would remain on her body for some time. However, Yun Che was far from done marking her body. He sucked aggressively on her skin, soiling the perfect Jade with numerous marks, corrupted her outer body with darkness in the same way that the devil blood left behind by the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor would plunge her soul into darkness. Although the bruises were light, against her jade-like skin, they were made all the more apparent.

As Yun Che roughly abused her body, Qianye Ying’er only continues to look on, her face expressionless. It took all of her strength to keep her body still. She had never expected Yun Che to be so ruthless, but then again, perhaps she had never known the true Yun Che. The man who she saw now, with grey eyes that contained nothing but gloom, were these the eyes of what Yun Che has become, or are these his true eyes, which can only shine now that he has lost everything else.

It was these kinds of questions that danced through Qianye Ying’er’s mind, if for no other reason than to separate herself from the reality of what was happening to her. Meanwhile, Yun Che continued to enjoy her body, working his way down with his vicious mouth. He spent a particularly long period of time attacking her breasts, event using his teeth and pulling on the nipples.

Qianye Ying’er fought to prevent from eliciting an embarrassing sound. The feeling of his tongue and lips was making her head feel strangely foggy. Especially when he targeted her breasts, she found the area to be especially sensitive to his machinations. Even as he treated them roughly, there was a skill to it that seemed to cause a heat that started in her chest and resonated throughout her body. If she didn’t know any better, she’d think he was using the purifying flame of the Divine Phoenix on her.

When he finally lowered his head even farther, she saw her once-perfect moonlike chest, with two perfect nipples on top, were now covered with saliva, bruises and marks. They also felt slightly sore. She circulated her profound energy to offset the pain and start healing the damage, but Yun Che had a way of doing it so that the bruises lingered.

It was at that moment that his hands reached out and grabbed her knees, forcefully spreading them. She resisted out of instinct for a moment, but Yun Che merely increased the force until they were spread in a revealing position. Humiliation shot through her as her untouched flower was openly displayed for Yun Che’s perverted eyes.

“So, even this has such beauty.” He said in disbelief.

How could Qianye Ying’er even accept something like that as a compliment? They were debaucheries and foul words that made her want to close her legs and hide. However, with Yun Che’s hands forcing them open, she knew her body would be at his disposal until he had enough. She clenched her teeth, but that was the only response to fall upon her flawless face.

The next area that Yun Che attacked was her inner thighs. Indescribable feelings shot through her body, and she couldn’t help but shiver while this beast became increasingly bolder. With each attack, he moved closer and closer to her fragrant passage. The desire to close her legs grew, but there was no point in resisting now.

When his face finally attacked her womanhood, even the goddess herself could stop from letting out a whimper. A surge of frustration and anger shot through her. To make such a noise in this embarrassing situation was the same as being defeated. Yet, to the current Yun Che, who was only enjoying her body, he didn’t even notice as his tongue slid inside and explored her inside.

As for Yun Che, he found that the meal he was enjoying wasn’t something that only satisfied the eyes. In fact, her taste was just as exquisite and refined as the rest of her body. Her skin was sweet and pure, bringing a pleasing feel every time he sucked on her skin. Yet, it was the sweet nectar within that truly enflamed his hunger.

Qianye Ying’er had always been a contradiction. She was absolutely beautiful but cruel and merciless on the inside. She was cold and dominating, yet had a soft maiden’s heart towards her deceased mother. She hated Yun Che’s guts, but he was the only man that she felt was worthy of touching her. Her body held just as many contradictions.

Her body would attract any man, but was filled with dangers. Her womanly scent was subtle yet thick in the air. She was once the strongest and most powerful woman in the Brahma Monarch God Realm, but now she was powerless under Yun Che’s machinations.

As Yun Che feasted upon her, she released a heavenly ambrosia. She tasted like honey and smelled like a garden of flowers.  His tongue explored every crevice, and Qianye Ying’er found it increasingly more difficult to keep herself from releasing humiliating noise after humiliating noise. They came in louder voices, and with greater frequency. Yun Che had always been a brute with his mouth, but she never would have imagined that this would have translated even in this situation. The skills with his tongue were perhaps their own legend, but other than Qianye Ying’er, every woman who was able to pass that legend along was now gone.

Yun Che finally pulled his head away from her parts, now wet, but still intact. Climbing back up onto her body, Qianye Ying’er could feel a heat coming from his body that told her that he was about to begin.

“Are you done playing like a child? Get this ove-” The words stuck in her throat as she saw the dark, wild look in his eyes.

While he had kissed her skin, she hadn’t been able to see the expression on his face. Now that he was looking into her eyes, she could see a man full of untold darkness and cruelty. There was no infatuation in his eyes. This wasn’t the look she had most come to expect from men who glanced upon her. She had expected him to have a bright-eyed, slack-jawed look that was full desire.

Yun Che’s look was far more terrifying. It was devoid of care or affection. It didn’t even touch upon infatuation. Instead, it was a raw, unadulterated animalistic need. Yun Che didn’t wish to release lust upon Qianye Ying’er, he wanted to unleash months of pent up rage, frustration, and loneliness. He didn’t just want to use her body, he wanted to punish her body.

Qianye Ying’er’s soul quivered as she came to realize that she had ended up mounting a tiger, and it was now impossible to get off it. Although, a more apt analogy might be to say that she herself had been mounted and not by a tiger, but a dragon!

Yun Che took Qianye Ying’er’s lips, if for no other reason so that he didn’t have to continue to look into that face. It was a face that was so celestial and beautiful that it threatened to shake his core. He refused to allow himself to gain any sympathy or retreat simply because of her goddess-like beauty. His lips pressed against hers to the point of pain, but even then, she didn’t resist in the slightest. As he did this, he discarded his robe to the side, allowing his bare chest to press against her. She shivered as she felt skin-on-skin contact she hadn’t felt since she was a child held by her mother.

His hands grabbed on to her arms. His fingers were extremely rough when compared to the untouched, pure skin of her jade-like body. He squeezed to the point that bruises formed, holding her roughly down under himself while his tongue explored her mouth. At first, she didn’t realize what he was trying to do until she felt a pressure down below. However, she wasn’t given time to realize the implications before Yun Che chose to act.

His erect tower lined up with her perfect lotus, and with a single quick thrust, his part merged with hers. It had happened suddenly, and Yun Che had given Qianye Ying’er no time to prepare. A sharp pain shot through her body and soul, but with his lips sealing her mouth, he denied her the ability to even cry out. He could have edged his sword in slowly, allowing her to properly adapt, but Yun Che wouldn’t treat her with even the slightest bit of kindness.

Thus, her first time was stolen just like that. Her eyes suddenly widened in surprise. Previously, he had kissed her and used his tongue down below. She had thought it was a childish pursuit of lust, exploring her body as he would a new toy. Only now did she realize just how nefarious Yun Che had been. He had carefully bruised her time and again, getting her accustomed to bouts of embarrassing pain and humiliation. Then, he had kissed her down below, making sure to leave more than a little saliva to leave her sufficiently moist.

She had thought nothing of it at first, but he had done everything for this moment. Assuredly, a maiden like Qianye Ying’er would not be penetrated easily. Had he went straight for breaking her, he would assuredly have had to struggle with it for several minutes. A less cunning woman might have believed he was doing her a kindness, making the defilement more comfortable, but Qianye Ying’er knew he did it so that it would happen in a single thrust. He wished to take her in the most painful, abrupt, and humiliating way he could.

Her eyes began to narrow as she reevaluated this man. At first, she had thought him too young and naïve, but even while overcome with animalistic desires, he still could plot against her in such a dastardly way. The most infuriating part was that Qianye Ying’er was completely powerless in this regard. She felt herself to be smarter and more relentless in her pursuits than Yun Che in almost every way. The one exception being the indulgence of the flesh. She truly was inexperienced in this field, where Yun Che was a master. He hadn’t lied. He was teaching her many things.

His pagoda began to slide in and out, making sure to violate her womanhood repeatedly and finish the job of unfurling her lotus petals. Her mind and soul shook as she found something that had been apart of her for untold years was stripped away so brutally. Yet, she reminded herself that in the end, this was the price she had to pay for the vengeance burning in her soul.

With each thrust inside her, the character for vengeance appeared in her mind. She battered herself with it like a trial. However, while doing this, she didn’t notice the expression on her own face changing. It too became something animalistic and cruel, her eyes narrowed with darkness and the need to destroy. As she lost control, her arms even moved slightly, grabbing on to Yun Che’s side on instinct more than desire. As Yun Che had said, even if she didn’t do anything, her body would learn for her!

Yun Che was surprised to feel her suddenly grab on to him. He was more shaken to see her dark look which seemed to be looking through him. She was panting now but seemed completely unaware of it. A sheen of sweat was covering her jade skin, her mind, and body under a kind of stress she was absolutely unprepared to cope with.

Yun Che bit her bottom lip, pulling it painfully. Meanwhile, he used his arms to continue to pin her down, forcing her to take his mass as he savored her body with extreme vigor. The aroma of her womanly body rose up like an intoxicant, filling Yun Che’s mind with lustful desires. Rather than feel satisfied by what he had, he found himself only wanting to defile this goddess more.

The various bloodlines within Yun Che’s body throbbed, but it was likely the dragon god marrow, which had steadily replaced the blood in his body with that of a dragon, which had made his body so vivacious. It had been months since he last savored a woman. He had been waiting to find the perfect incubator, forcibly suppressing the intense desires inside him until this moment. Now, they all flooded out in a single moment and were placed on this woman, who was perhaps the only woman capable of surviving this onslaught.

Picking up her bottom, he put her into an even more humiliating state, using his thing like a hammer, pounding into her body while her legs were lifted and her pale behind was in the air. If someone were to walk into the room at this moment, the only noise was a wet slick sound that was unrelentingly and the almost silent panting of two people. If they looked over at the spread of pillows and blankets, they would see two perfectly white orbs, like a pair of perfect moons, smooth and ethereal, up in the air.

Yun Che had mounted himself upon those moons, a leg in each hand, thrusting down into her, his thing disappearing as it slid into a pink hold at the top of those perfect orbs. A thick, intoxicating smell filled the air which was enough to make anyone feel dizzy, and its source seemed to be rising from between the two, their parts combining so roughly that a fine imperceptible mist seemed to be created between them.

Having her lower lifted in such a manner, and her head forced down under him, naturally, this was an extreme torment for Qianye Ying’er. Even her mantra for vengeance wasn’t enough for her to ignore what he was doing to her body. As she snapped out of it, she quickly removed her hands from his hips. It had almost looked like she had been helping him do this thing to her, but that was absolutely impossible. She would never admit it. Entire king realms would rise and fall before Qianye Ying’er would admit to even unconsciously aiding Yun Che in her own violation.

Of course, this only spoke to the extreme naivety that she had when it came to these kinds of relations. Her body had long since started to adapt to Yun Che’s punishments, and she began to do things that even passed her own divine senses In order to accommodate her violation and aid Yun Che as he played with her body. Her body had created copious amounts of lubricant, allowing him entry with extreme ease at this point. She was spreading her legs willingly and unconsciously now. Even if Yun Che had released her legs, she would keep them open so that he could more easily fill her. With each thrust, she felt the muscles in her womb twitch, tightening in a satisfactory way around Yun Che’s pagoda.

What felt more comfortable and pleasurable for Qianye Ying’er would definitely aid Yun Che in his own defilement. He took every inch she gave him and then demanded another inch. Like that, her barriers broke down, and the restrained woman became unrestrained, one step at a time. Her face was red, and a certain level of lewdness had merged with her typically expressionless face. If she looked at a mirror right now, she’d be shocked and appalled at how far she’d fallen in only a few short hours.

There were exceptionally few men who had ever seen the unveiled face of the Brahma Goddess. Of those, only Yun Che had ever seen this kind of face on the goddess. It was a face that only he was allowed to see, and given her temperament, it was a face that only he would ever get to see.

Hours passed by as Yun Che continued to release his lust on her in this position. With her head on the bottom and the constant thrusting from the top, even with Qianye Ying’er’s divine constitution, she was still like a bottle being held upside down and tapped. All the blood had rushed to her head, and it left her dizzy and near the point of passing out. Her hips had grown sore bent over as she was.

This wasn’t to say that the pair hadn’t reached a climax in the end, but that these climaxes were but a drop in the bucket. For Yun Che, his thirst was unquenchable. He was at a state where he’d only release if he wanted to. Thus, he had gone through dozens of climaxes, yet continued on relentlessly. In fact, with each finish, he only grew more daring and more lustful. His blood boiled until it filled his body. If one took the pace from when he first started and matched it to the pace now, he was thrusting so fast that someone in a low enough cultivation wouldn’t realize he was thrusting at all. The wet clapping sounds that filled the air would sound like the spring of a guitar. In reality, the music was a sweet one, a single tone that summed up the nature of their coitus perfectly.

For Qianye Ying’er’s part in all of this, she lacked the true experience to even truly understand the feeling shooting through her body. She felt hot. She felt dizzy. Every now and then, her womanhood would clench, and her mind would go blurry for a few moments. She would temporarily lose her mind and sense of reason. However, when it returned, nothing had changed. Yun Che was still on top of her, pounding her pillows without break.

Whatever one could say about Yun Che, they’d definitely have to agree that his stamina was unbelievable. After three hours, he showed no sign of slowing down. Qianye Ying’er never expected the act to take this long. After an hour, she started to suspect that Yun Che might be different than other men. After three hours, she was beginning to grow irritated, especially as her soreness and discomfort grew.

“Are you done? How long does this dual cultivation take?” She demanded.

Yun Che suddenly stopped thrusting. After such a pounding, to suddenly stop was a cruelty onto itself. Her lotus petal was so used to the repeated violations that it protested the sudden lack of movement. It clamped tightly around his pagoda as if trying to suck it back and force it to resume. Her entire body shuddered, and she found a strange desire to demand that he continue.

“For today, I sealed your devil blood.” He suddenly said, a cruel smile on his face. “This is just practice. You can consider this one a freebie.”

Qianye Ying’er’s face turned white and then red with anger. She hadn’t realized it at the time, but she truly hadn’t merged with the devilish aura in the slightest. That meant that the last three hours had been for absolutely nothing. In Qianye Ying’er’s mind, she had believed that she was willing to submit to anything for power, but he truly was just toying with her.

Yet, despite her anger, she knew that she could do nothing about it. She had already given her body to him, and now she could only hope he followed through with his own side of the bargain. The devil blood was inside her now, so she would be his incubator. That would mean there would be more of this. Since that was the case and not something she could help, then so be it.

“Very well, since you’ve had your fun, we should discuss…”

Yun Che’s eyes flashed darkly. “Who said I was done? This was just the warmup!”

Before Qianye Ying’er could even react, Yun Che picked her entire body up and flipped her. Her arms ended up wrapping around him, and her chest ended up landing in his face. Throughout that entire exchange, his pagoda remained deep in her lotus patch. He turned and then slammed her into a wall. He wasn’t the least bit gentle. There was an indent in the walls behind her back, and there was enough force that the entire building shook.

Had he done something like this with any of his previous lovers, the force would have surely broken every bone in their body. Only a god emperor could put up with this particular kind of abuse.

In the hallway outside, Dongfang was still diligently keeping her post. She leaped when she heard the sudden bang. She looked back at the door worriedly but then turned away. For a girl like her, she couldn’t even imagine what was going on in that room, which had been sealed.

What was going on was that Yun Che had grown bored of the position after nearly three hours. He was now having Qianye Ying’er against the wall, thrusting up into her. With her pinned against the wall with no soft pillows to take some of the blow, he was able to go In deeper and harder than before.

Qianye Ying’er hadn’t known what to think when he tossed her against the wall. She had thought that something she had done had displeased him. However, when the movements down below returned, she let out a sigh. So, it could be done this way as well? She had never even imagined it being done like this. Her knowledge ended at the requirement of a bed. She truly was learning! As he continued ravishing her body, with his head buried in her chest and his hands squeezing her thighs and buttocks, she actually found herself relieved.

Some of that relief was just that the tenuous relationship she had formed with Yun Che wasn’t jeopardized. She knew that if she displeased him at this stage, he could easily discard her and her chances at vengeance would be gone.

On the other hand, she noticed that area below had the feeling of a dull ache, almost missing the movement of his thing. This second feeling was one that she buried deep inside, and would not allow to return to the surface. How could someone as prideful as the former goddess of the Brahma Monarch God Realm admit to such a despicable feeling?

In Yun Che’s arms, she was light as a feather, and he even had the capacity to fondle her plump rump that resembled two glowing moons. Of course, even moons had dark spots and signs of damage from the celestial pounding, so as Yun Che thrust against her, his hands molested her backside. He pinched and squeezed, marking the delicate skin there with his own impacts. Meanwhile, his tongue played with the nubs of her twin peaks.

Her chest was neither too large nor too small. Any thoughts of comparing her size to any other girl he’s been with was far too painful at the moment and only resulted in a surge of anger which he took out on her, roughly biting her chest.

So, if they had to be described, just like the rest of her body, they were perfect. She truly had been carved by some master-level artistic god. She was an art of perfection onto herself, without a single hair out of place, even after three hours of Yun Che doing his best to mess her up.

What would that artist think now at how Yun Che treated his perfect creation? Yun Che really didn’t care, because even if you said that once he was done that the heavens would choose to strike him down, he would still do the same thing! If he had a hundred reincarnations, and each one lead to this moment, he would treat Qianye Ying’er’s body the same way.

Looking up at her expressionless face, her golden eyes seemed shy as she watched Yun Che. While holding her bottom with one hand, he reached up and put his other hand through her hair. Undoing her hair tie, he released her hair, causing the blonde locks to fall down over her back and shoulders. With her hair no longer neat and tidy, it caused Qianye Ying’er to take on a slightly wilder look. Like the mane of a lion, the blonde hair framed her face, causing her ethereal beauty to become even more irresistible.

It was like the difference between a picture and a picture in a well-designed frame. The inside hasn’t changed, but the effect is completely different. Looking up at that beautiful face that threatened to suck Yun Che in was enough to make even his heart shiver. Doing so while looking up at her while he was inside her and his neck rested between her breasts, that took things to another level entirely.

Yun Che’s aggressive piston movements and speed began to exceed even the speed he had managed while in the ideal position on top of her. His desire to soil her completely overrode any common sense. His hands reached down under the thighs, grabbing the rich fatty thighs and butt, and pulling them apart. This freed himself for an even deeper penetration.

Each time he pushed up. Her head would bob slightly as her body was pushed up. Her breasts would also move just slightly. While they didn’t create the waves of some women he knew, they still bounced around in a satisfying manner that was pleasing to the eyes. Her hair became messier and messier as she was bobbed around like a paddle and ball.

In this new position, Qianye Ying’er’s mind started to clear as the blood left her head. This made those bouts of sudden pleasure much more distinct and recognizable. It would start deep inside her, right where Yun Che’s pagoda was maliciously striking in an unrelenting manner. That area would heat up with a fire. It would grow hotter and hotter until it exploded out. When the feeling reached her toes, she found them curling outside of her control. When it reached her mind, she felt herself flooded with strange emotions and an uncontrollable desire to cry out in happiness. This was always accompanied by a twitching sensation down below, and the release of her womanly fluids.

Of course, other than her toes, which she considered inconsequential as they were behind Yun Che’s back, the rest of it she suppressed and didn’t allow to display. Only after experiencing nearly a dozen of these moments did she come to realize what they were.

At first, she was surprised, since this was a feeling she had never experienced before and didn’t know what to make of it. Each time it struck her, it made her feel as good as a day when one of her plots bore fruit, or when she found a particularly valuable item to help in her cultivation.

She supposed it made sense. With time, even this current act would be the greatest boost to her cultivation in many years. However, she knew that wasn’t the reason she felt so good. At least, now she understood why people would do such a shameful act. So many men had given their lives for a woman on the simple hope that one day they would get to experience such a feeling. At least, she understood it now.

Time progressed as Yun Che ravaged her body. Her back, which was rubbing up and down against the wall with each thrust had become filled with imperceptible scratches. Her breasts became sore thanks to his rough treatment of her breasts which used his mouth and teeth equally to pull and squeeze them.

When Yun Che finally dropped her back down on the blankets, she was panting, her face red, and her body aching. She found herself thankful that she could finally rest. She never had realized how exhausting such acts could be. A moment later, she realized she was far too naïve still.

Yun Che got down on his knees behind her, propping up her butt. This time, the rage she felt was something that could no longer be contained. With her on her knees, he pushed her head down on the floor and was attempting to slide in from the back. This wasn’t simply shameful, but it was a complete insult to her honor! This was a form an animal would use, and now Yun Che was trying to use it on her!

She tried to spin back, but before she could protest, Yun Che shoved her down and then slid inside her. She let out a cry of surprise, finding it penetrating far deeper than with any other position previously. She was still furious, but he had already started his piston thrusts, and with her hand holding her hair, she couldn’t look back to admonish him.

Had he seen the furious expression on her face which could kill a person with a glance, he might have chosen a different position, but instead, he started to thrust away. Qianye Ting’er’s hair, beautiful golden locks that uncountable men had begged for a lock of to keep her by their hearts throughout her many years, was now being used as a handle, allowing Yun Che to plow deeper and explore new depths within her body.

As for how he handled her head, at some points he’d push her into a pillow, making her taste the ground in a position that she never would have seen herself in her life. If all the countless men who had pledged their hearts and souls to her saw her now, they would assuredly vomit blood until they passed out unconscious. Even her father who betrayed and humiliated her the most might lower his eyes in pity at seeing her current position.

A goddess that transverse the heavens was bent over with her head being pressed to the floor. Naturally, she couldn’t help her killing intent from rising. It grew to a tangible level, but even then, Yun Che didn’t let up. Instead, a dark grin formed on his face. He lifted his hand and then dropped it on her behind. It made a resounding clap noise that filled the room. The killing intent dissipated like smoke, but only because Qianye Ting’er was impossibly shocked by his action.

What man would ever dare strike her on the bottom like that? He was treating her like an animal or an ornery child. Her killing intent exploded out, her patience finally reaching its end. However, Yun Che didn’t hesitate to raise his hand and hit it again, this time pulling on more of his strength. This time, it actually hurt, and this time Qianye Ting’er’s killing intent shattered like glass.

If she could see her own bottom, there would be a red handprint spread across that white moon. It was as incredible as if Yun Che had literally reached out and slapped a moon, leaving his handprint on the surface. Actually, across the Realm of the Gods, there are many men who are able to do that, making that a far more likely possibility than what actually happened. Those that could slap Qianye Ting’er on the rump had never been born, yet Yun Che dared.

“Yun Che….” Her teeth were grinding fiercely.

Just when she had thought she had been shamed enough by Yun Che, he always took it another step farther. Even she would have limits to what she could accept. Yun Che didn’t see it that way, as he proceeded to slap her behind again, and again, and again.

Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap.

His attacks were powerful, and he didn’t hold back in the slightest. She quickly realized that his slaps were timed with his thrusts. When his hand smacked down, his pagoda would slide in. She realized immediately after that each time he smacked, her insides would twitch, squeezing that pagoda tightly, and giving a more pleasurable thrust. Thus, each slap and thrust was accompanied by a pleasurable feeling. Her mind was slowly starting to associate the slaps with pleasure. This left the confused Qianye Ting’er completely unable to mount an appropriate killing intent.

Yun Che suddenly pulled tightly on Qianye Ting’er’s hair, bringing head and chest up, and forcing her butt to grind against Yun Che behind her. He picked up the pace, thrusting himself into her faster and faster. Just when she thought he had reached his max speed, there was a sudden burst, and his hips moved even faster. The fire down below started to grow inside her. It brimmed with chaotic energy and electricity.

With him pulling on her hair painfully, the chaotic energy was allowed to build. He thrust into her faster and faster, his pagoda was a blur, and the musical note of their deed rang in the area with no end in sight. Meanwhile, that fire that should have released by now built more and more. Qianye Ting’er had thought she understood what an orgasm was. Over the course of the last eight hours, she had experienced at least a dozen.

However, the burning heat was growing more and more intense, and the relief was denied to her. Finally, after nearly eight hours or brutality, she had reached her limit. Her mouth opened and she let out a noise.

“Ahhhhn, Ahhh… Ahhhn…” These shameful sounds that sluts made were something she told herself she’d never do, yet here she was, unable to stop the sounds coming from her mouth.

Shame, anger, frustration, these were all emotions shooting through her, but they were all blown away by a single intense burning in her loins. She felt like she was going to break, and her body had lost all sense of control.

Yun Che let go of her hair and grabbed her behind, still beautiful and perfectly shaped, but now covered in bruises and marks delivered by Yun Che’s rough treatment. While his hands squeezed her behind and he thrust himself as deeply into her womb as he could go, Qianye Ying’er herself shoved her head deliberately into a pillow. She bit it, trying to stifle the screams coming from her mouth forcefully.

This time, Yun Che held nothing back, a warm sensation exploded out deep inside Qianye Ying’er. Her eyes had rolled up into her head, and her back bucked, and all she could do was spasm uncontrollably as the fire spread out to every part of her body, making her lose all control of her muscles. Only once his pagoda began to shrink did Yun Che leave her womb and fall down next to her.

As he fell, he dragged her with him, pulling her into an embrace. His grip was rough and hard, and it felt like being grasped by a bear. Qianye Ying’er realized she was helpless and just had to bear with it. The pair of them were covered in a sheen of sweat, and they both smelled of a mixture of various fluids. It took some time for Qianye Ying’er to recover.

When he loosened his grip, she pulled away and started to inspect her body. His seed was leaking down her leg, mixed with her own honeyed liquids. Her body was quite sore and moving generated aches all over her body. She tried to circulate her energy and heal herself, but it only relieved some of the pain. Had she been her old self, it might have only taken moments, but despite her best efforts, many of the bruises on her body remained.

She shot Yun Che a scornful look but then realized that his eyes were closed and he was sleeping softly. He had fallen asleep! Qianye Ying’er felt a sense of rage. How could this man be so foolish? Sleeping next to her, she could kill him in a second! Was he asking for death!

Yet, as she looked down at him, she realized that the urge to kill him wasn’t there. She had already paid the price, and she knew the kind of man that Yun Che really was. She had traveled by his side for some time, and she felt she knew him well enough. He would follow his side of the bargain. He would bring her power, and he would help her get vengeance on her father. If she were to kill him now, it’d be the same as killing all of her chances in the future.

Of course, there was another thought deep down that was far more horrifying. He slept with his guard down, because asleep or awake, it didn’t matter. She wouldn’t be able to hurt him. His body was full of secrets, and she no longer was Brahma’s goddess. He might have dismissed her because she was no longer a threat.

Of course, Yun Che sensed her watching him and heard her muttering to herself. How would he be able to sleep next to a venomous snake? He had only closed his eyes and controlled his breath to give the illusion he was asleep. Why was he pretending to sleep? Why did any man pretend to sleep? So, he didn’t have to talk to her after! He wasn’t in the mood to banter with Qianye Ying’er, so he naturally pretended he fell asleep so he wouldn’t have to listen to her bickering complaints.

However, the night was still young, and Yun Che was still considered young by the standards of this realm. As soon as she calmed down, he “woke” up, and began another round. In this manner, three days passed by quickly.