Pay for Extra Content

Although the most reliable way to order extra content is by supporting me on Patreon, you can also directly order content from me. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

Sponsored Chapters:

Books I’m not currently having on my schedule because of their lack of popularity can also be funded per chapter. You can sponsor a chapter here, or contact me directly, especially if you plan to sponsor more than one chapter at a time. I will usually mark it in the sponsor chapter and remove it once it is finished. If you don’t see your chapter up a week after paying, please contact me. If you want credit for sponsoring a chapter, please ask. I assume anonymity otherwise. Please note you can rush or sponsor a chapter every month as part of the $50 and $100 membership. Just let me know what chapter you want at beginning of the month.

Order Custom Chapter:

You can order any custom chapter from any of the stories you want. I can write any sex scene you want. I hold the right to call what I write canon or not depending on the content. These can take place during or after currently releasing volumes, but I won’t write or spoil future events. A lot of these side stories are a great way to flesh out your favorite characters and give them more screen time outside of the main story. The cost is $20 for 1000 words. So, a 2000 word story is $40.

Order Custom Story:

I’m willing to write anything from any story I’m familiar with. So, if you have two characters from any media you want to see do it, or even an intimate story between you and your favorite actor, we can discuss writing your fantasy. I hold the rights to distribute any story written. However, if you want copyright, we can discuss that too. It’s $20 for 1000 words, or if you want ownership of the words, $40 for 1000 words.

Please contact me through discord or by email before before sending any money. I’m not always available to produce extra content.

Also note that all Patreon supporters of $50 or more are entitled to one free extra content a month. These don’t stack, so if you’re interested in cashing in, please send your request.