Evan’s life is just about to start. He finished college and purposed to a beautiful woman. However, before he can begin that life, he needs to return home, where his father and grandfather share an unusual relationship with their wives. Unfortunately, his family want to bring Evan into their open relationship to satisfy their insatiably lusty wives. Can his engagement survive the onslaught of his unconventional family’s values?

Tags: Soncon, Siscon, Incest-by-marriage, NTR, Drama, RC18, Harem, Incest

NTR Warning: The man cheats on his fiancee, but not the other way around. The wives also sleep with the fiancee, but with the permission of the husbands. I guess you’d call it the “good” NTR, but given some of the other stories I write, I’m afraid to say no NTR and equally afraid people will misunderstand the intentions of this story. It’s all win for MC.


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