You have the option to sign up to my membership either through Subscribestar or Full Frontal Access. Either one will give you the same amount of access on my site, but which you pick will change how you sign up.

What Novels does Just the tip apply to?

My Dungeon Life, Tales Series, Last Dread Pirate, Man of the House, World of Women, Automatic Girlfriend, Getting Lucky, Oops I Banged My Bully’s Mom, I Reincarnated in the Hero’s Former Body, It’s Not Easy Making Money in the Apocalypse, Guy on a Spaceship, Enslaved

Why do other novels not apply?

With regards to most finished novels, there is or will be an eBook. If you wish to read them, you should purchase the eBook. Otherwise, they are a perk of the $5-$10 tier.

The rest are already free… and if there are any locked its usually a mistake or related to the eBook chapters, which brings us back to the previous point.

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FFA Membership Troubleshooting

If you want to sign up through FFA, just click on “Join Full Frontal Access” in the Sign Up menu and then fill the information. Please make sure you do not already have a membership. If you do, whether it is free of at a different tier, you’ll need to login and then change your existing membership.

I do NOT ask for personal information like home address, phone number, or SSN. Paypal will take you to their third-party site, and Credit/ Debit Card only asks for the name and credit number, which will be charged through the third-party site Stripe.

After signing in, if you are having issues with access, check your membership. Does it say active? Is your tier correct? Next, check your payments through Paypal or Credit Card. Did you payment go through within the last month?

It says “You do not have any memberships.

You are not signed up as a member. Just because you have an account does not mean you have a membership.

If you are a Subscribestar user, you must create a membership in your current account following Subscribestar’s Membership Troubleshooting instructions.

If you are FFA, you are signed up as a user, but not a member. You’re either signed into the wrong account, or you’ve yet to create a membership account with a correct payment. Sign in. Go to the register page. Register while signed in. If you are currently paying money, do NOT set up a new account. Contact me instead.

My money wasn’t taken out and it says I don’t have a membership and/or it’s expired/cancelled.

If you have a membership, change it to the tier you want. If you can’t sign in, then create a new membership.

My money was taken out, but it says I don’t have a membership or it expired/cancelled.

If you have money being taken out… don’t attempt to start a new membership. Just send me your Paypal/Stripe email and your FFA username through my contact us form, and I will get you active again ASAP.

I paid but my membership claims it is “pending”.

With a small subset of users, your membership doesn’t confirm automatically and I need to confirm the payment manually. Just contact me. Make sure to tell me your Paypal email, username, and that you’re FFA and I’ll fix it within a day or two.


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Subscribestar/Patreon Membership Troubleshooting

Create a New Membership

Connect to an Existing Account

Renew Membership

Upgrade/Downgrade Membership

Change to FFA

Errors or Connection Troubleshooting

Create a New Membership

If you wish to be a member through Patreon or Subscribestar, you first need to sign up through Patreon or Subscribestar. Then, go to create membership under sign up.

***If you’ve already linked to my site before, you likely already have an account. In that case, go to connect an existing account.

Fill out your information and select Patreon or Subscribestar under your Payment Method. Once you’ve registered, Your Membership page will have two buttons, Patreon Membership and Subscribestar Membership. You can click the appropriate one and the link to Patreon or Subscribestar and membership information is there. Open Patreon or Subscribestar and sign into your account on a new tab, and then click link. If it links and you still don’t have access, unlink and relink. If the linking fails, contact me.

***At the moment, if you have signed up to Patreon for the entire year, the link will not connect correctly. Please contact me instead.

Connect an Existing Account

You may have an account, but not a membership. You can check here. If you don’t have an active account, then you need to follow these instructions.

Log in with your email. If you do not know the password, click ‘Lost your password?’ and register for a new one. If you don’t receive an email, contact me and I’ll generate a new password for you.

Register here

Apply the link in Your Membership.

Renewing a Membership

You should not have to renew your membership. Just unlink and relink if there is a problem with the connection.

If you are using a coupon, it will only give you one month at a time and must be reapplied every month as described below.

In Your Membership, click on the link, ‘Renew your membership’.

Enter the new code and apply. Select Payment type Patreon. Click Register.

***You must click the white button that says ‘Apply’ to apply the coupon. You must then click the blue button that says ‘Register’ to finish renewal. If Patreon is not selected, the registration will not finish.***

If your account is expired, and renew fails, you may need to register like a new membership again.

Upgrading a Membership

Upgrade your membership on Subscribestar or Patreon, unlink your account and relink.

Changing from Subscribstar/Patreon to FFA

When you Renew your membership, select a payment method other than Patreon. Fill in your payment information through Paypal or credit card. Make sure you have ended your Patreon or Subscribestar account. At the end of the one month period, you will be charged through Paypal/Stripe.

Errors or Connection Troubleshooting

If you find your access to posts being blocked while linked, go to Patreon Membership or Subscribestar Membership. Unlink the account, and then relink. You may also need to clear you internet cache.

If you see an error pop up while using a yearly membership, this is a known problem. You’ll have to contact me. I’ll extend your membership for a year manually.


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What are codes?

If the link system does not work, you can use a code instead to access my content. I will only set this up on a per person basis. These codes are NOT the same as your eBook vouchers, and are NOT entered in the same place.

Where are the codes?

I am no longer releasing these codes except on an as needed basis.

If I give you a code, use the code to sign up/renew.



If you are using Patreon or Subscribestar, cancel through them. If you are using Paypal, delete your recurring payment plan. Just click on your latest transaction and look for your recurring payment plan and cancel it. If you paid with credit card (Stripe), send me a cancellation form. I have to manually handle it. If you have any other cancellation problems, you can cancel here.

I’m being charged even though my membership isn’t active!

When you sign up to my site, you set up a recurring payment through your credit card or paypal. That payment will continue until you cancel. Even if you account goes inactive, you will still send money. Why did it go inactive? Sadly, sometimes communication does go through properly and a payment doesn’t register. I’m happy to fix this as soon as you contact me. However, if you don’t contact me, and continue to send me money, I do NOT take responsibility for the fact you didn’t have access. Just because the last time you were active was in April and now it’s July, that just means you haven’t been using your account in those intervening months. It has not been cancelled.