“Ah! Ahhh… Ahhh… cum for me… please… cum!”

I stared dumbfounded in front of me. There was a beautiful girl, and she was riding on top of me. She was still wearing her school uniform, but she had discarded her underwear, and popped her boobs out of the top. She bounced up and down excitedly, riding my cock for all it was worth.

Only a few minutes prior, I had been a virgin, and now, that was all gone. It wasn’t like I had minded. I was already 17 and feeling like I was getting to old too be a virgin. It was more the suddenness of it all that caught me off guard. I had simply needed to pee, and just as I finished, she burst into the room, pushed me down on the bathroom floor, and started riding me for all I was worth.

Of course, being a teen, the second I realized she wanted to have sex, my cock was already engorged and ready. Yet, just because my body was ready, didn’t mean my mind was mentally ready for this. The feel of her pussy was incredible. It was warm and tight, and each time she raised up, pushing her thigh muscles to the max, it tightened her inner vaginal muscles and felt like a suction cup. It even made a slurping noise. Anyone who walked by in the hallway definitely would have heard the wet sex noises emanating between the pair of us.

Yet, the girl on top of me also seemed oddly focused. She wasn’t really moaning like she enjoyed it. Rather, she was acting like she was putting on an erotic show, and she was begging me to get off. I was kind of glad it was so sudden, because if I had been mentally prepared, I’d have already busted my nut inside her five times. Thankfully, with my mind reeling, I was able to last enough that I didn’t look like a complete ass.

The only thing more shocking than how sudden this all happened was with who, Veronica Tayler. She was the hottest senior in school. I had a massive crush on her. I didn’t know a guy who didn’t. The problem was, she already had a boyfriend! That’s why I really couldn’t believe that she was riding my cock. I was one of the school losers.

I was an almost goth. What was an almost goth? It was a kid who wore black, but never committed quite enough to be accepted by the goths. My parents would never let me wear black lipstick of die my hair jet black. My dad would kick my ass if I even thought about doing my nails. About the only goth thing I did, which was a solo hobby, was worship the devil. Yeah, I loved heavy metal, wore all black, and worshipped Satan.

Veronica was disgusted by me, or so I thought. This was because, before I started dressing in black, I had thought to ask her out. She had given me one of the most disgusted looks I had ever seen on a woman. Then, she turned and walked away. She never even gave me an answer, but I got the message. All the girls would talk and snicker as I walked by for over a year after that event. Of course, when she started to date the jock, Daniel, him and his chronies started bullying me as well.

In the end, even the one or two friends I had didn’t want to get involved with me, because they didn’t want to get involved in the bullying. Of course, I grew up in the age of zero tolerance. Dan never beat me up at school, nor did he do traditional bully things like steal my lunch money. This was the modern era, and bullies had to get creative when they were torturing someone. Oh, don’t get me wrong, after school, as I walked home, I’d been cornered and beat down, and flat out robbed by him, it just didn’t happen in school.

In school, he was much more conniving. Drawing a penis on my locker would be one of the things he had done. In one class, he sat in front of me, and every paper I passed forward that year he would pocket and destroy. I didn’t find out until my parents got a call saying I was failing. To pass, I had to redo an entire quarter’s worth of homework in a week. He was always finding ways to make my life a living hell.

And now, his girlfriend was bouncing up and down on my cock. Her tits, squeezed out the top of her school shirt, were bouncing up and down, begging to be sucked. The warm feel of her pussy was sheathing my cock, and she was begging me to cum. It was like I had walked into a dream. Had this not been on the floor of the dirty boy’s bathroom, I definitely would have confused it for a dream.

“Please… I need it…” She begged.

“I… uh… don’t have a condom,” I admitted guiltily.

I didn’t even have a chance to worry about STDs. Would Dan have sent his girlfriend to fuck me just so she could give me something? At the very least, I didn’t want to make her pregnant. My sense of restraint went that far.

“N-no!” Her eyes flashed in panic. “I-inside! I want… your seed in my womb!”

“I don’t…” I was starting to hesitate, as I didn’t want to become a daddy, especially on my first try.

She suddenly grabbed me and started moving even faster, as if afraid I’d toss her off me. I may have had my doubts, but I was just a boy experiencing his first time. She was a beautiful woman, with shapely hips, long black hair, dark eyes that were like moons, and a beautiful body with perfect skin. How could my penis take that masterpiece giving her all?

“Ah! Shit!” I said, my cock starting to swell.

I could feel my baby batter shooting out. Veronica must have felt something or noticed it in my eyes because she shoved her crotch deep down on my cock. I found myself releasing it deep inside of her. I had masturbated plenty of times in my life, but it felt like a pale comparison to the feeling of exploding deep inside a woman as she writhed on top of me. I came more than I had ever come before. It just came out in spurt after spurt, pumping her womb up.

I collapsed back, my head hitting the floor of the bathroom. I was panting heavily, and my cock was still spurting. I didn’t think her womb could take much more, but I also didn’t think my balls could produce so much.

I had already wondered because I masturbated a lot, and when I got horny, I’d sometimes masturbate three or four times in a row to get it all out. I had heard other guys finished with one, but I was never satisfied. With the feel of her pussy, I felt like I unleashed all four times in a single load into her.

“S-so much…” She said, shivering.

It wasn’t a sexually excited voice now, but a fearful one. This caused me to look up with a worried expression. Veronica suddenly stood up. I looked up her long legs. Cum was dripping out from between them, still connecting my cock to her pussy in a long stream of fluid. She popped her tits back into her school uniform and glared down at me. It was a sight I’d never forget.

“Don’t tell anyone anything. If you do, I’ll say you raped me.”

She stepped over me and then walked straight out the door. Feeling confused, and just a little bit used, I stood up and put my thing away. It was still hard, but I didn’t have time to finish it off a second time. Making sure to contain it, I walked out the door. Veronica had already sped away, and I only just caught her making a turn. I ran after her, risking someone seeing me running in the hallway as I tried to catch up to her. If this was some kind of game or something, at the very least, I felt I was owed an explanation.

As I reached the corner, I only just saw her turn once again. I followed, and two more times, I only just caught her. No matter how fast I ran, I didn’t seem to be able to make any leeway. I ended up following her past a hall obstruction and into the old wing. Our school was an addon to a much older school. New wings kept getting added to older ones. The oldest wing had broken down to the point where they put up a barrier and stopped holding classes there.

There were no students in this section. At this point, I knew my bathroom break time was up, and by continuing forward, I was skipping class, but I had to find Veronica and get an explanation. If for no other reason, I wanted to prove to myself that it had happened, and this all wasn’t some warped dream that had occurred inside my head.

I had finally lost track of her, taking a corner and not seeing just the smallest flash of hair or clothing to continue my run. Maybe I hadn’t seen it and was imagining it all the whole time. I shook my head. This was foolish. I turned around, ready to head back to class, and hope the teacher wasn’t counting the minutes I had been gone. That was when I heard a voice. It was a female voice, and it sounded like it was chanting in tongues.

Unable to leave things alone, I walked down the hall, following the eerie chant. It finally came to an old room with a wooden door. The door had a glass panel, so I peeked through. On the other side was a room filled with lit candles. That was a major fire hazard, so it immediately caught my interest. All the old desks and chairs had been shoved to the sides, and a giant pentagram was drawn in the middle of the room.

That’s when I realized that the person who had been chanting was Veronica. She had a bowl filled with stuff that she placed on the ground. Then she squatted over it, and I saw her dropping my cum out of her pussy and into the bowl. She even used her fingers to fish out as much as she could. When she was done, she picked up the bowl, held it up, and then put it in the center of the pentagram. A wind suddenly blew through the place, causing me to shiver. All of the candles went out at once.

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.

The clapping was coming from a dark corner of the room. Veronica turned toward that direction, an expectant but scared expression on her face. A form walked out of the corner, coming into the light. My eyes widened. It was a woman. She was incredibly beautiful, with fiery red hair and deep purple eyes. Comparing to Veronica, she was every bit as beautiful, maybe more. Where Veronica still had a bit of youthfulness in her body, the other woman, despite looking no older, had a much curvier body. She had larger breasts and a rounder butt. Overall, her body put Veronica’s to shame. I could feel my mouth salivating just looking at her.

She dropped her hands down after she gave one last clap, then smirked at Veronica. “You’ve done well. I must say, I’m impressed at how impeccable your summoning ritual has been.”

Veronica lowered her head. “Dark Mistress, I would like to make a deal-“

“Yes, yes…” The other woman waved her hands dismissively. “I’m well aware of how this all works. You’d like to sell me your soul, and in return I will grant you a wish, right?”

“Yes, Dark Mistress… what I want is-”

“I already know what you want.” She interrupted. “However, I must say, the cost of a soul isn’t as much as it once was.”

“Wh-what are you saying?”

“I won’t grant your wish, not for what you’re offering, dear.” She responded, just as dismissively.

“N-no…” She collapsed to her knees. “After everything? After I gave my virginity, to that… pig!”

I looked away for a second, feeling like my heart had been stabbed.

“You were desperate. Only a union of two virgins first time could summon me. He was the only guy you knew who you were certain was a virgin.” The dark woman casually spoke as she looked at her long nails. “So, tell me, how was your first time?”

“It was awful… disgusting!” She said tearfully. “I hated it! It hurt, and his disgusting stuff is inside me. I feel like I need to douche!”

I trembled, lowering my head. It wasn’t my optimal first time either, but to hear her tell it, it was truly destructive. I felt as low as I could be. It was truly humiliating to hear her speak about me that way.

As for the woman called dark mistress, she let out a laugh. “That truly amuses me. You truly hate that little boy?”

“I do! He’s creepy, and he’s always leering at people.”

“And you’d never sleep with him again?”

“N-never…” she stopped as she said that, looking up at the other woman suspiciously. “Why?”

“I have decided to grant your wish, and I will even spare your soul. You won’t have to be damned for all eternity in hell, isn’t that wonderful?”

“Y-you want me… with him?”

She chuckled. “My conditions are. You must get him to cum in or on you once a day for one year. If ever 24 hours go by and you haven’t done the deed with him, then I will undo the wish, and take your soul as recompense.”

“You… but… I have a boyfriend…”

“You should have thought of that before you jumped on another guy’s cock!” She laughed.

“F-fine!” She stood up. “It’s a deal!”

She reached out her hand, and the other woman clasped it. “Following heaven and hell, the pact is done!”

The entire room darkened for just a second, and then Veronica was standing there alone. She looked around worriedly for a moment, and then quickly cleaned up the mess, throwing the candles in her duffle bag and scrubbing the floor. As she ran from the classroom, I hid behind a pile of desks. I watched her disappear down the hall. Just what had I witnessed? What was going on?

“Boo!” I nearly jumped as I spun around.

The woman from before was standing right behind me, giggling as I nearly tripped over myself. “Wh-what?”

“Hello, Lucas. It’s nice seeing you.” She smiled.

“Wh-who are you? Do you know me?”

“Oh, yes… I know you very well. Did you like the agreement I made on your behalf?” She asked, leaning toward me.

“M-mine? What… you mean… her… and me? Wh-why?” I squinted, trying to think through things. “She’s going to try to have sex with me tomorrow, right? I don’t want to sleep with her! She is completely disgusted by me! It’d be the worst.”

She let out a laugh like I had told a funny joke. “Oh, you don’t see the brilliance in my request? Every day, she must be compelled to get your cum. She has to. Her wish is something that she needs, so she won’t break the agreement.”

“Yeah… but I don’t want her.”

“Just think about it.” She grabbed my shoulders, leaning toward my ear. “Veronica needs your cum. You have her where you want her. For the next year, she must do whatever you say. You can make any request of her, and she’ll have to do it. Once she knows you know, she will be your slave. Any hole, any way, any how. You can make her into your little sex puppet. Wouldn’t that be a slap in Daniel’s dumb face.”

“You know about him?”

“Love, I know everything.” She chuckled. “And I did all of this, for you.”

“Wh-why?” I asked, frowning. “Why would you do this for me?”

“Isn’t that answer obvious? I take care of my flock. As my follower, how would it look if I allowed you to keep going around like a loser? When I have the opportunity, it’s the least I could do to throw my loyal subjects a bone.”

“Loyal… who are you?”

“You already know.” She tsk’d. “Love, I’m the devil.”

I did already know. How could I not from that clear deal with the devil that Veronica made? It was true that I also worshipped the devil, but that was when the devil was an idea. This was an actual person, and I never would have thought I’d meet them, let alone they’d be a beautiful woman with giant tits and a luscious body.

“Oooo…” She shivered. “That nasty expression on your face when you’re ogling women. I love it. If you act properly as my disciple here on Earth, maybe I’ll let you taste this body as well. Would you like that?”

As she spoke, her long fingernails touched the inside of her breast, slowly caressing the cleavage. I licked my lips looking at them, nodding dumbly. It was only then that I realized I was making agreements with the devil! Follower or not, getting involved with a devil’s pact was never a good idea. I shook my head and focused on her face instead of her body. This only made her chuckle again, her eyes filled with amusement.

“What do you mean by acting as your disciple?”

“I’ve decided to be surface-side for a while.” She shrugged. “I think attending this school might just do the ticket. I’ll need a cover, so I can be your cousin or something.”

“My parents…”

“I’ll take care of your parents.” She waved her hand. “But, what I need you to do, is just a teensy, weensy favor. You see, I’ve grown tired of buying souls. I only just thought of it, but I think I’d rather try something new.”

As she said that, she touched my chest, walking up it with two fingers.

“What is it?”

“I want you to break Veronica. I want you to turn her into a cum-guzzling whore. Break her soul, and dominate it in my name!”