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Just the Tip ($2):

  • Access one novel from available selection per month. All chapters unlocked.
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  • Special Discord role with bonus channels.
  • Access to locked chapters from every novel.
  • Access to Membership-Only Short Novels.
  • You can access all photo galleries and images.
  • WARNING: This does NOT include Premium chapters, Early Access, or eBook Bonus Chapters.

Power Fapper ($10) :

  • Everything from ‘Chronic Master Baiter’.
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  • Access to Premium, Early Access, and eBook Bonus chapters.
  • Unique Discord role.
  • Background wallpaper for phones and desktops.
  • Access to Premium chapters.

Reverse Sage ($15) :

  • Everything from ‘Power Fapper’.
  • Premium Poll to select what you want.
  • Unique Discord role.
  • Access to eBook Chapters
  • 10% off all eBooks at store.

Onaniphile ($25):

  • Everything from ‘Reverse Sage’.
  • Unique Discord role
  • All comic books are available for free to download.

Hand Solo ($50): 

  • Everything from ‘Onaniphile’.
  • Unique Discord role
  • All eBooks are available for free to download.

One-Eyed Monster ($100): 

  • Everything from ‘Hand Solo’.
  • Unique Discord role
  • Can request an additional chapter every month from story of choice.
  • Can advertise your website on mine.