This is probably closer to what a lot of people wanted from NTR Crush. A very basic erotic story. Absolutely no Netorare or Netorase. Pure wish fulfillment.

“You’re fucking dead!” I heard those words as a fist collided with my face.

My glasses went flying to the concrete floor as I stumbled and collapsed to the ground. My peers all around me didn’t jump in to protect me or help me up. Instead, their eyes gleamed with excitement, and they started to circle me and my assaulter. A moment later, I could hear a rising chant.

“Fight. Fight. Fight!” The crowds all cheered.

Considering he was a football player, and I was a scrawny guy with no muscle mass, it was to the surprise of no one which way this match would go. Yet, no one cared about my safety. There wasn’t a single sympathetic eye as I made my way to my feet, nursing my fat lip. This was why I hated interacting with people. This was why I preferred video games.

I like to play video games. I played video games every second I can. It started as a hobby, but as I reached high school, it became more of a necessity. Harassment at school was frequent, and it was the man across from me at this moment who was one of the worst. I don’t know what it was, maybe he could just smell weakness on me, and as the school alpha, he saw it as his right and privilege to brutalize me any chance he got. This wasn’t the first time, I had been hurt by him, but this was the first time it had ever descended into an open attack.

Usually, he would do the typical bully things. He’d twist my arm, take my money, or dump my head in a toilet. He’d probably make me do his homework too, except that he was one of the brightest boys in the school. The teachers loved him, and he was everyone’s golden boy who could do no wrong. That’s why, when he decided to pick a fight with me in the middle of the open hall in between classes, I was deeply surprised. This would tarnish his record.

“You sexually assaulted my girl, you pervert!” He cried out.

“That’s a lie!” As I tried to deny it, he punched me again, giving me a bloody nose as I fell to the floor again.

I could hear the mumbling and murmuring of all the students. The girls were giving me disgusted looks, and the guys were looking at me with scorn. All it took was that single sentence, and I could tell that my reputation which was already in the trash was now dumped on, lit on fire, and then thrown off a cliff. The truth wouldn’t matter to these people. From now on, I was the pervert who sexually assaulted women.

Except, that wasn’t what happened at all. What did happen was that I was in class, writing erotica in my notebook. Without realizing it, I had gotten an erection. Then, his girlfriend, one of the hottest and most beautiful women at this school, chose that moment to trip over someone’s bag and fall onto my lap. I grabbed her to keep her falling, but she landed right on my erection.

My mind had already been in the gutter at that moment, and you can’t just turn it off, so naturally, I envisioned a scene where she felt my cock, and it ignited her carnal lust. She’d grind her butt against it, her body slowly turning into that of a slut. In that state, I ended up smiling at her. She responded by screaming in my face and then slapping me.

Now, no one realized I had an erection. All they had heard was the scream and her slapping me. She was far too nice of a girl to admit what happened, so all anyone saw was my arms wrapped around her smiling like a pervert before she screamed and slapped me. The natural assumption was that I grabbed her and was trying to do lewd things to her, rather than that she fell on my lap of her own accord.

Fast forward a class or two, and now her boyfriend had heard and was coming to escalate the situation. Combining the previous rumors with his own bold and unconfirmed claims, and my life was ruined. People started to cheer him on as he kicked and punched me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the gym teacher, but rather than help me, he crossed his arms and nodded encouragingly.

Of course, that gym teacher hated me, because I wasn’t very athletic and didn’t enjoy all of his inane drills. He had heard me once complaining about it to my group. I hadn’t heard him coming up behind me. He had made me run ten laps that day. I thought I’d die. He was also the coach for the football team, so Brad was his favorite guy. Yeah, he was a Brad too. He even has blonde hair and blue eyes. It had to be the prettiest boy that got the prettiest girl.

As for me, I was unattractive. I had small beady eyes, pale, bad skin, and sweaty hands. I was no one’s favorite. Other than being the quiet guy who sat in the corner and played game by himself on his handheld, I wasn’t notable to anyone. Thus, with no preconceived notion about me, it was all the easier for them to decide I was a pervert.

Two more teachers had come by, only to let him continue to beat me before one finally put a stop to it. That one happened to be a beautiful woman with a fantastic body who I had fantasized about many times. I had a single class with Mrs. Allen, who was a twenty-three-year-old first-year teacher and the fancy of many students in this school.

“What is going on here?” She asked in a voice that sounded more sensual than tough like she intended.

“This guy grabbed and violated a girl at this school!” Brad declared, showing no sense of regret or reluctance to continue.

Mrs. Allen’s brow furrowed as she looked down at me. “Is this true?”

“It’s not!” I cried out.

“He’s lying!” Brad said.

He was supported by several women who just wanted his dick.

“Look at his beady eyes, he’s not trustworthy!”

“He leered at me once! I felt assaulted too!”

I couldn’t help the ugly expression on my face, made ugly with the fat lip, the broken nose, and the black eye. Looking pissed didn’t do me any favors, as it just riled up the students even more.

“Stand up.” Mrs. Allen finally ordered. “I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Rather than calming the populace down, this seemed to cause even more people to get angry. Many of the guys in the audience had crushes on Mrs. Allen, even though she was a married woman. Seeing her put herself out there to protect me, a sexual predator in their eyes, only caused them to grow angry.

The crowd surged for a bit, and I suddenly felt dizzy. I had lost quite a bit of blood during the beating, and it wasn’t lunch yet. I had also skipped breakfast this morning. I felt light-headed. The teacher noticed my dazed look and reached out a hand. I went to grab it and missed. Instead, my hand ended up grabbing her chest.

In front of a violent mob of students, I reached out and honked the breast of one of the hottest teachers in school. Mrs. Allen was too stunned to react. She had her mouth open, but the pair of us were staring at each other like a deer in headlights. However, there was one person there that always acted before he thought.

“You pig!”

The last thing I remembered was a fist flying toward my face. Darkness immediately followed.

Do you want power?”

My eyes snapped open, but I realized I was floating in a room of infinite darkness. There was nothing below me, above me, or to my sides. I couldn’t tell if I was moving, or if I was hovering in place. I tried to move my toes, but I found myself unable to move anything except my eyes.

“Unfortunate being, I will grant you one power.”

“I’m sorry, what?” My voice felt raw as I spoke.

“I will create a power suited for you.”

“Huh? Who are you? Where are you?”

There was a brief moment of silence. “I am a devil of fortune. You chanced upon my mark and broke the seal with your blood. I have been freed, so I will grant you this single favor before I return to my home on the immortal plane.”

“Huh? Mark? Do you mean that weird penny I got back as change the other day?”

Remember my name, Mammon. You will be my servant on the mortal plane. Go forth and sew your roots.”

“Mammon?” My mind was working furiously, trying to catch up. “Okay! Ah… what power, my lord?”

I was usually pretty good at thinking on my feet. This all seemed unbelievable, but for someone who read so much fantasy, I was pretty quick on the uptake. Brad’s attacks must have caused me to bleed on that coin. It was the seal to some kind of ancient devil. Grateful for being released, he’s granting me power and making me his subject on Earth, ready to convert others in his name, or something like that. If he could improve my life, I’d follow even a devil I couldn’t see like him.

“Since you enjoy games so much, I will grant you power accordingly. The power you now possess is the power of status adjustment. Once per twenty-four hours, you will be able to adjust the status of any living creature permanently. Now, I am out of time. Wake up, and enjoy your new power.”

His words ended with that, and I found my eyes snapping open. I was no longer in the hallway surrounded by people. Looking around, I realized I was in the nurse’s office. At that moment, I could hear some voices. I was able to move okay now. It hurt, but it wasn’t so bad that I was not able to get up. So, I got off my bed and walked over to the divider. I didn’t open it though. Instead, I peaked outside.

To my surprise, I saw Mrs. Allen, and she was being kissed roughly by the coach. She pulled away, gasping, and I backed up a bit to make sure neither of them noticed me.

“P-please… don’t do that again. I’m married…” Mrs. Allen said, pushing him away.

“Heh…” The coach laughed. “You say that now? You kissed back a bit.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” She responded, blushing slightly. “You helped bring the boy to the nurse’s station. That was the only reason I asked you here.”

His expression turned ugly, but even though he looked in the direction of my bed, he didn’t see me. “Why are you helping that perverted little deviant anyway?”

“He’s one of my students.” She responded immediately. “I have to try.”

“You just don’t want to admit you want my dick.”

“Coach John, please don’t say things like that. I already said I’m married.”

“Yet, I kiss you and all you do is push me off a little. Admit it, you’re wet right now.”

“… I’d ask that you please contain yourself.”

“Fine… I will, for now. However, you’re going to be mine eventually. Just admit it.”


I heard him leaving the room, and so I jumped back in my bed. After a minute passes, I make some groaning noises like I’m just waking up. I hear Mrs. Allen get off her chair and come. The curtain pulls away a moment later.

“Lucas… you’re finally awake.”

One look at her, and then I remembered the feel of her breast. My eyes dropped to her chest. Noticing this, she covered them, shooting me a stern look.

“I’m sorry!” I said. “It was an accident. It was.”

“I know…” She responded after a moment. “You’re anemic. I have a snack and drink on the table. Eat and drink something now before you pass out.”

“Okay…” I looked to my side to see that there was a milk box and a granola bar.

I grabbed them, opened them up, and started eating. She went back to sitting down, but she left the screen open. As I watched her, I started to remember that weird dream with the devil Mammon. He had said something about power. At that moment, a menu suddenly appeared in front of me.

Name: Lillian Allen

Strength: 3

Intelligence: 7

Stamina: 4

Athleticism: 2

Charisma: 8

Sensitivity: 7


Donald Allen: 5

Coach John: 4

Lucas: 0

I had enough experience with video games to instantly understand what this was. This was Lillian’s status sheet. If what the devil said was right, I could change any stat once, and it would be permanent. This wasn’t exactly like RPG status though. There was Strength, Intelligence, Stamina, and Charisma, but the other typical stats seemed to be wrapped in Athleticism and Stamina, plus there was something called Sensitivity and another called Affection.

I wasn’t surprised to see that she held no particular affection for me, but I was shocked to see how far Coach John had gotten. She was somewhat lukewarm when it came to her husband and actually liked the coach almost as much. Perhaps, that was why she tolerated his antics so much. This seemed to be the status that mattered the most. I thought about what would happen if my Affection was suddenly at 10.

{Affection: Lucas has been increased to 10.}

I received that alert as soon as I thought it. I made a noise of surprise, but no sooner had I looked up than I saw Mrs. Allen eyeing me in a way I had never seen on her before. Her cheeks were flushed, and she seemed unable to take her eyes off of me.

“Mrs. Allen?” I asked, my voice an octave higher than I intended it.

“Please, call me Lily.” She responded, blushing slightly.

My mind worked furiously as I thought about what I had just done. If I was right, then my teacher’s affection for me was maxed out. She was twice as into me as she was her husband. What did that mean? I had to test this out immediately!

“C-can you come over here?” I asked, feeling just a bit nervous.

She stood up and walked over to me, looking down with an expression of happiness. “What do you need from me?”

What did I need from her? I wanted to test how far her affection went, but I didn’t know what to say. Do I ask for a kiss? A handjob? Should I just reach out and grab her? Calm down… this has all been in my head so far. I could be misinterpreting her expression completely, and letting my mind run wild. I had just taken a blow to the head, so what was more likely, that I met a demon who gave me the power to change people’s status, or that I was hallucinating strange things? She was looking down at me, waiting patiently for me to speak, so I had to say something.

I licked my lips and spoke. “You’re very beautiful.”

Her cheeks flushed. “Y-you think? That makes me happy.”

She smiled even wider, and she did look sexy. A part of me twitched down below as my mind filled with every dirty fantasy I had ever had about her. As a twenty-three-year-old hotty, many of them had gotten explicit. Once again, I found myself needing to fight down my excitement.

“Can you turn around, so I can see all of you?” By the darkening of her expression, I realized I had gone too far.

“Lucas… that’s not very appropriate. I’m a teacher, and you’re my student.” She chastised me.

“I see…” I dropped my head, feeling a bit disappointed.

It looked like either it was in my head, or the effect of high affection wasn’t at that kind of level. I pushed too hard too quickly.

“So… you can’t tell anyone about it, okay?”

I looked up in surprise, as my cute teacher suddenly winked at me while putting a finger over her mouth cutely. With that, she turned, even doing a spin with her hips so that her skirt rose a bit as she turned.

“Wow…” I said, more shocked that she had done it than at any thing I was seeing.

She turned back to me, blushing even more. “Is it that good? I’m really happy you like it.”

She had misunderstood my words, but she seemed to have grown even more excited by them. Still, at this rate, nothing was going to happen. I had to man up and see what would happen. If I didn’t take any risk, I wouldn’t see any reward.

“Teacher, that blouse is really cute. Can I see what fabric its made out of?”

“Fabric? Ah… I’m not sure…” She reached behind her shirt, grabbing the tag, but I had something else in mind.

I reached out and grabbed her tits instead. She let out a gasp, her eyes widened as I grabbed them the same way I had earlier. The familiar sensation returned to my hands.

“So soft…” I said.

“Mmm… wh-what are you doing?” She cried, but she didn’t pull away from my hands at all.

“I’m just feeling the fabric. It’s soft.” I said while squeezing my hands.

“Ahhn… that… even if you’re saying that you’re clearly… hah… hah…” I squeezed and manipulated her breasts in my hands, but I could only do so much through two layers of fabric.

“Teacher? I’m just touching your blouse, but your nipples seem to be getting hard.”

“They’re sensitive!” She responded, panting. “Lucas, we can’t do this. I’m your teacher, and you’re my student. I’m also a married woman.”

I was growing more and more excited by the moment, and I was now making no attempt to hide the lewdness in my eyes as I continued to grope her. Rather than stopping as she suggested, I doubled my efforts, even pinching her nipples through the cloth.

“Ahhn… hah… hah… mmmmn… please…” Her eyes were growing teary, but she still stood there and accepted everything I did to her.

“Mrs. Allen, don’t tell me you want sex?” My voice was mocking, but I also framed it like I was surprised.

“Y-you’re not being fair…” She panted. “I don’t know why I didn’t realize how much you meant to me. I like you, but we can’t do this!”

She finally pulled away, covering her chest and backing up a few steps. I was a bit surprised, and a bit of anger appeared on my face before I could hide it. I had gotten a bit too serious there for a moment. The feel of her chest was out of this world. It was the perfect softness, with those two little hard things that were just too fun to play with. Even now, they poked through her bra and blouse and I could see them in clear view.

Similarly, I was fully erect now, and there was a tent made in the bed linen, obviously showing my excitement. When Mrs. Allen’s eyes fell on it, she couldn’t look away. Feeling like I couldn’t let up now, I pulled the bedsheet aside and revealed the tent in my underwear.

“You made this happen, teacher,” I said. “You have to take responsibility.”

Mrs. Allen’s eyes flashed with shock, but then she licked her lips hungrily. “Lucas… what happens in here, you must promise you never tell anyone!”

“I won’t,” I responded, grinning.

She looked around cautiously and then walked over to the front door, locking it. She made sure all the blinds were lowered, and then for good measure, she turned the lights down low. Then, she walked back to my bed, closing the curtain behind her.

This was the opening of my new life as Mammon’s servant.