This is another experimental fiction. It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s three sex stories involving people having sex with a stranger. I was thinking of narrating and making these a youtube thing. They are “erolite”, which is to say they don’t go into extreme sexual detail. Hopefully, it’s the wish fulfillment and the story that excite you, not six mages of incoherent words and “Pan” sounds.

Jogging Partner

I live in a city up north, and it’s very beautiful during the fall. I like to go jogging every morning. It’s great to take the trail for a few hours every day, enjoying the crisp air and the smell of fallen leaves crunching under my feet. I tend to be a creature of habit though, so I leave the house at around the same time every day and end up running down the same trail. I know, it’s boring, but I enjoy a sense of familiarity.

That’s why I tend to notice changes, like a certain girl who started to run the same trail as me. She was a cute girl, and I think she was from the nearby college. We always seemed to stop in the same spots to stretch, and during those times I was able to get a good look at her. She had a very pretty face, and she seemed to wear makeup even to go running. She wore these really short runner shorts that were tight and rode high enough I could see the bottom crevice of her buttocks. They were the kind of shorts that when she bent over to stretch, you could see a vertical smile. Of course, I couldn’t get close or stare like a perv, but I had a distinct feeling she was going commando under those barely-there shorts.

She also wore a women sports top, which hid a nice chest and exposed her stomach and back. Complete with a long, smooth ponytail and youthful, well taken care of body, and this girl was exactly the kind of hotty that had me running every morning even though I was almost in my thirties. Although, a girl like that was out of my league. I couldn’t even work up the courage to speak to her. When she ran by, she’d give a nod, a smile, and a ‘hello’ to be polite. All I could do is nod and smile back.

Well, it wasn’t just because I was nervous. I didn’t use a music player when I did my run. I liked to be able to hear the world around me. Call it a safety issue or whatever, but I liked to be aware of my environment. As for her, she always had her headphones on. Whether she was listening to music, I don’t know, but it never felt right to just try to strike up a conversation with her.

For about a month, this became a ritual. Every morning, I’d run my trail only to see this girl there, running the same path. I had to be careful too, because depending on how smooth my morning went, I either arrived just before or after she started. I never liked to run after a girl, because I didn’t want them to think I was stalking them or being creepy. However, there was a second reason. Her ass was out of this world, and if I ran behind her, I couldn’t help but look at it. Then, I’d end up running with an erection, and my shorts weren’t the kind where it wouldn’t poke out the leg and be obvious.

It should also be noted that our speed was about the same. I’d have to slow down to a speed I didn’t like or speed up and push myself if I didn’t want to be stuck in a position behind her for the next forty-five minutes. Even then, it seems like more often than not, I ended up behind her, being teased by that perfect ass. It honestly got to the point where I was thinking about changing the time I ran.

Then it happened during one of the last warm days of the year. I had a very bad morning, and rather than be only a minute or two late, I was fifteen. Naturally, she was already gone on her run at that point. Normally, if I started out really late or she did, we’d only pass each other while one of us was on our way back. I figured this time would be no different, so I started my watch and began running the trail I had run many times.

I should also note that part of the reason I liked this trail was because, at my particular time, no one else had been running it. When the girl showed up, she brought that number to two, and other than for an occasional early walker showing up, it had just been the two of us on that trail between that time for that month.

I was running down the path as usual. The entire route took about one hour, thirty minutes. Around the forty-five-minute mark, you’re about as far from civilization as possible. That was when I heard a gasp and a moan. I immediately slowed down. Afraid someone might have been hurt and needed help. It was easy to get hurt on some of these trails, and it was important for joggers to look out after each other.

Looking around, I heard heavy breathing and a light, erotic moan. Of course, I realized what the sounds were, but there was no way I wouldn’t look. I carefully tracked the sounds to their source, and that’s where I found that hot girl with the tight ass. She was off the trail a bit. She had her headphones in, so she couldn’t hear anything. Her tight shorts were actually down to her knees, and she had her hand on the trunk of a tree, leaning against it.

Her legs were spread, and I realized that she had her free hand between them. It was moving up and down, and while I couldn’t see what she was doing from here, it was pretty clear to me that she was masturbating. I didn’t know how she had ended up in that situation. Maybe she had realized she needed to pee, and once she finished, she decided to relieve some stress since she was all alone. Maybe, she had planned to masturbate in the woods all along.

All I knew was that the sight of her bare ass was beautiful, and my member was poking out the bottom of my pants. I didn’t know why I did it, but rather than leave and give her space, I started walking forward. I stepped on a branch that cracked, and I guess that noise was greater than whatever she was listening to, because she looked back.

The pair of us looked at each other with almost identical looks. It was like a deer in headlights. Yeah, she was the one who was masturbating, but the head of my dick could be seen out the bottom of my shorts, and I was also walking toward her in a creepy way. I didn’t move, afraid that if I moved first, she’d somehow take it that I was attacking her. So, she moved along, frantically grabbing her pants as her face blushed furiously. Rather than be modest, I could only stare at her with my mouth open.

After failing to get her tight shorts over that fantastic ass twice, her eyes finally landed on my shorts, where she could see a thick thing outlined behind the cloth. Her eyes widened for a second, and then, biting her lip, she glanced around as if seeing if someone else was present. Then, she lifted a finger and gestured for me to come over.

With the look in her eyes and the arousal in my body, I stumbled over to her like a blind dummy. Had there been a cliff between us, I would have run right into it like a lemming. When I reached her, she fell to my knees and pulled out excitedly.

“So big!” She moaned.

That was the last words she spoke before it ended up in her mouth. She worked it skillfully, and I grabbed her head and enjoyed the thrill. However, I wasn’t the only one frustrated sexually and in need of relief. Before long, she had stood back up and was bent over, her hands on the trees while I slid it inside her.

In retrospect, it wasn’t the brightest idea. I didn’t have condoms, and I didn’t even know this girl’s name. However, at that moment and time, it was the sexiest thing I had ever done. Grabbing that ass that had been teasing me for a solid month while I pushed myself inside her was out of this world. I nearly busted a nut instantly. Yet, I held on and managed to keep going for at least ten minutes. I’m pretty sure she finished before I was done. I pulled out and released all over her butt. Had I been in a different state of mind, I would have pulled out my cellphone and snapped a picture. I can’t tell you how erotic the sight of her bare ass, wet clear stuff leaking down her leg, and white streams across her butt like an erotic tree tinsel looked.

She pulled her shorts up, mumbled thank you while looking slightly embarrassed, and then surprisingly went right back to her run. Although, she ran back to the entrance rather than finish her run. I wanted to say something, maybe get her number. However, my mind was still reeling over what just happened. I figured I’d see her again the next day anyway, so I’d meet with her again. I finished my run like normal, and replayed the event in my head a million times. The next day, I took extra care to manscape and clean up, hoping that we could enjoy another forest rendezvous.

I’d like to end the story saying we had crazy sex for months, but the truth was she didn’t arrive there to run. She wasn’t there the next day, or the day after that. The weather started to get cold, and there was even a day I waited all morning at the parks entrance, thinking maybe she just changed her time or trail. When I realized I was starting to look like a stalker, I gave up. Clearly, she was too embarrassed over what happened and wanted to put it in the past.

To the strange girl with that fabulous ass, your hour of shame is something I’ll never forget. If you do see this and ever want another go, I’m still running the same trail at the same time. You know where to find me.

Jeepers Peekers

This actually happened to me quite a few years ago. I had finished high school and I was at the age where most people were deciding what they wanted to do with their lives. I had a job for a year and had moved out of my parent’s place, but then I lost it and found myself having to move back in.

However, they had repurposed my bedroom that used to be on the second story, and I ended up needing to stay in the first story guest room. When I was younger, the room had creeped me out, but now that I was older, it didn’t bother me at all. Besides, it put me farther away from my parents, who were upstairs in the master bedroom. I certainly didn’t want to hear what they were doing in their bedroom, nor did I want them to hear me.

Well, it wasn’t like I was able to do much. They had a strict rule that I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend over while I lived under their roof. I had thought that crap would end when I was 18. During my year living with a roommate, I had already had a few guys over, and had enough experience that I wasn’t going to bring anyone into my house that was going to be a danger to me or my parents. However, that didn’t matter to my parents, who said I couldn’t have any boy over at all.

On top of that, I was having a bit of a dry spell. You know the drill. The good guys were all in relationships or away at college. Most of the guys who I knew were not the kind of guys I wanted to do that kind of stuff with anyway.

So, I lived the life of a nun, well, sort of. After a month or two, I was getting very lonely and I decided to order some toys on the internet. I was really antsy about it too. I didn’t want my parents to see the package arrive, so for almost three days straight I waited on my porch anxiously to intercept the mail man. In retrospect, I should have just driven to an erotic store off the I, but if someone I knew saw my car there, well, I was a very shy girl, although that may be hard to believe once you finish my story.

The package finally arrived, and as luck would have it, it was on a night my parents were out. I imagine the delivery driver would have had quite the smirk on his face if he knew the contents of the package, he delivered that I so easily and eagerly took. However, I swear, it had nothing to do with the contents, just the relief that I wouldn’t have to keep hiding it from my parents.

Still, since they were out, and I had been waiting for days, I decided it was a good time to partake. The box contained a 7-inch silver dildo and a small clit vibrator. That was basically the standard utensils for a needy woman who is alone. I should state that the guest bedroom I was staying was fairly barebones. It had a single dresser, but all of my clothing was in a suitcase on top of it. There was a window, which was 1st floor, about eye level, and fed out behind my parent’s house.

On the other side of the room, against the far wall, was my bed, and the door was immediately on my left, which I had closed and locked for this occasion. The backyard was not fenced in, and actually went into a large, wooded area where animals could come out of.

I eagerly opened the packaging, pulled out some lubricant that had come with the toy, and then started some relaxation massage. I didn’t like doing it in the bathroom like some girls. I just thought it was dirty. Plus, we only had one bathroom and my parents shared it, so no. I left the lights on. Although the sun had set and it was dark out, my blinds were shut, but turned in a way that someone could look through them. This is naturally important to the story.

So, the toys were buzzing away, and I was growing more and more lost in my lust. That was when I heard a light tapping. At first, I was afraid my parents had gotten home without me noticing and were at the door wondering what that buzzing sound was. I desperately shut off and tossed the toys under my sheets, leaped to the door, and while trying to cover myself, I opened it just a crack. I let out a breath of relief when I realized there was no one on the other side.

That’s when I remembered there was still a mysterious knock. Looking around the room with a frown, I ended up get back on my bed and going back to work. I was really excited at that point, so I was probably acting a little shameless. That’s when the knock repeated once again. This time, I stopped the vibrators, but left them inside me, looking around the room with a frown again. I waited for a minute, and was just about to start again when the tapping came again. This time, I realized that it wasn’t a door being tapped, but glass.

My eyes immediately jumped to the window. The window was dark, and I couldn’t see out of it. However, as my eyes started to focus, I realized I could see an eye peaking through the crack. Somehow, the shock of seeing a person there causing my insides to clamp down. The dildo was just at the right speed, that I began to orgasm. With clenched teeth, my body shuttered in a mind-blowing orgasm, with some even squirting out onto the bed quiet visibly.

As soon as I regained my mind, I let out a cry. I stood up, the devices falling out of my parts with a wet noise as they bounced off the wood floor. I hit the blinds, turning them to block the strange guy’s view.

“You pervert!” I yelled at the window with enough volume that I hoped he heard.

Then, I ran over and shut off the lights. I should have been scared at some guy peeking in my window, but I was more embarrassed and angry. I sat on my bed, still shuddering from my earlier orgasm. I was a bit surprised when I thought about it. It had been a bit stronger than normal. I usually didn’t have this many post-coitus tremors after. It was also weird when any squirted out. I just chopped this up to the power of some good toys. I finally went to look out the window, and he wasn’t there. With a breath of relief, I cleaned up, got dressed and tried to put the entire event behind me.

The next time I used the toys, I decided to do it in my bathroom without a window. Strangely, they didn’t feel nearly as satisfying sitting in a tub as they did on my bed. I finished up my bath and went to my room. Feeling like I could have finished a bit more satisfactorily, I brought out my toys once again. I glanced at the window, which was mostly closed, and gave a snort. There was no way the guy would come back again.

So, I got back to playing with my toys. Yet, I had barely gotten the vibration half-way up when a familiar tapping occurred on my window. This time, I felt really angry. Was this guy just waiting outside my back window every night? For some reason, I wasn’t scared at all. I didn’t want to get police involved either. That’d just be embarrassing. Rather, I wanted to resolve this situation myself.

I grabbed my blinds and pulled them up. I was still naked, but I didn’t really care. Looking down, I realized the guy was wearing a ski mask hiding his identity. He also had a pink bulbous thing in his hand. It took me only a moment to realize it was his dick. He didn’t even look alarmed at me opening the blinds. Rather, he only grinned and then started to stroke himself.

“You like this?” I demanded, gesturing to my body, “Then enjoy the show!”

I didn’t know what came over me, but I was trying to outshame him or something? Let’s just say I wasn’t thinking with my big brain at that moment. I grabbed my dildo, and with one leg on the windowsill, I started to give him a show. Even though I glared hatefully at him the whole time, I pleasured myself right in front of him, even putting on a show of squeezing my nipples and moaning erotically. Rather than looked shamed, he had a perverted look on his face and was jacking it fast. I could see white stuff shoot out and hit the window.

At that moment, my own body was racked with a powerful orgasm. I almost fell, the feeling hit me so strongely. My entire body spasmed, and I released a stream of liquid that splattered against my window with enough force that it made a load sound like rain. The anger on my face melted away with wide-eyed wonder. I had never experienced an orgasm so powerful in my life. As for the guy, by the time I recovered and looked up, he was gone.

I cleaned up once again, closed my blinds, and went to sleep. The next day, I looked online and began to realize that I was likely an exhibitionist. It was a girl who liked to be watched doing it. I was usually so shy when it came to this stuff, it never would have occurred to me that it was actually my kink. I looked at the window with a frown on my face. This pervert was looking into my window every night and even jacking off to me. Yet, I was starting to feel aroused by it.

Before night came, I pushed my bed across the room, planting it right in front of the window. I took a bath before bed night. I felt like I was crazy, but I took the time to shave, put on makeup, and look my sexiest. When the familiar tap came on the window, I brought up the curtains to find the same guy there, his cock already out. I gave him a show.

He’d jack off no matter what I did, but I always felt when I gave him a good show, he came even more. I knew I did. I would use my fingers and toys in front of him. I’d show him the front one night, and then the back the next. Each time, I grew bolder. I began to wear sexy lingerie and other outfits, growing more erotic and humiliating the longer I went. I started opening the window a crack so he could hear my panting, and I could hear his moaning. Somehow, in out own fucked up little world, we had become partners in masturbation.

This went on for two weeks straight without either of us missing a single night. That’s when I had decided I had enough of masturbation, and wanted the real deal. I must have been crazy at this point. Looking back now, I could see how bad of a dark place I was in. However, at the time, this nightly activity became all I could think about.

Thus, I did the craziest thing yet. I had removed the screen separating us. I didn’t know what would happen, but I wanted more. He tapped, just like he always did, and I opened the blinds and then the window. Sitting at the top of my bed, I literally shoved my ass out the window.

“Please… just fuck me…” I whimpered erotically.

My ass hung out bear and cold for about a minute before I finally pulled it in and looked around. He was gone. I blinked, thinking this had to be a mistake. Yet, the next night, he was gone, and then he was gone again. The familiar tapping never returned, and I just began to leave my blinds down to watch for him.

This didn’t last long. A week later, I had gotten a new job that worked nights, so I was gone during my typical fun time. Then, a few weeks after that, I got a boyfriend and moved in with him. I never did see my masturbation partner again, and I never found out who he was.

I eventually told a few friends about it. I framed it that somehow, I had outperverted a pervert, and managed to scare him away with my vagina. My girls laugh and say that I’m definitely a pervert. Of course, what I don’t tell anyone is that I still kind of miss it. If another pervert starts knocking on my window one night, who knows, I might end up with a new masturbation buddy. 

Sexy Bulma

I enjoy going to comic-con and cosplaying. I’ve been watching anime since I was young. I remember that when I was young, I would always watch Naruto on cartoon network every weekend. From there, I ended up watching more and more anime, and eventually going all in as a weeb.

As you can imagine, this did not open up many prospects with women. By the time I was eighteen, I was still a virgin, and the few girlfriends I had either had no interests in anything I liked, or were the kind of girls you didn’t really want to be more than friends with, if you get my understanding.

Anyway, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was a loser. I had friends. I did track. Cosplay was just something I did on the side. The point I was trying to make is that you’d never expect a hobby like that to get me a hot girlfriend or anything. I did it because it was fun to do, and that was it.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I went to comic-con last year and ended up hooking up with a beautiful girl. It was a really strange encounter too, so I hope I’m able to describe it properly.

I ended up dressing up as Vegeta. My friend was going to come and dress up as Goku, but he ended up canceling on me, so I ended up going alone. I don’t recommend going to a comic-con alone, but if you do, going in a good cosplay would be the best way to ease the pain. If you’re outfit is good enough, you attract all kinds of people who want to talk to you and some that even want to take pictures. Well, had it been Goku and Vegeta like we planned, we might have actually gotten more attention on the outfit.

As it was, I did do a good job on my Vegeta get up, and there were a few Dragon Ball Z fans that actually wanted to take a picture with me. That was how I ended up seeing her for the first time. While posing with a group, she came over and started looking at me with interest. She was dressed up as Bulma, which naturally instantly caught everyone’s attention.

I don’t know what it is about some people, but when they see you in costume, they begin to see you as your character. Instantly, they were telling her that she had to pose with me, because we were married. In actuality, she was dressed as the younger Bulma, from Dragon Ball, and Vegeta wasn’t even in that series, but I wasn’t going to start acting like a geek at this point.

She had blue hair that was dyed and not a wig. She had done up the braid with a pink bow. She had a pink dress and pink shoes. Bulma was written across the dress in sharpie, which was a little lazy, but once again, not complaining. She was really cute, and she even grabbed my arm like she was familiar with me.

Now, I may dress like Vegeta, but it’s not like I try to do the voice or act like him. If I’m posing, I have a thick brow and I can usually put on a pretty good mean face, but if I tried to walk around like that, it’d definitely give me a headache. So, other than to make a face for a picture, I’m generally just acting like a normal guy.

On the other hand, that girl, I did eventually learn her name but let’s just call her Bulma, was apparently more like a method actor. After taking a picture, she suddenly turned to me with her hands on her hips and started giving a spot on Bulma impression. She was chastising me for not being around and taking off to train too much. She even managed to replicate the voice to an extent. I laughed awkwardly, acting more like Goku than Vegeta at that moment.

I did manage to muster up the line, “Yeah sure, fine, babe.”

Everyone laughed. We played it off as a joke and finished taking the images, but as everyone else dispersed, I realized she was still holding my arm. I was way too awkward to make a scene, especially when there was a pretty girl on my arm, so I decided to just pretend like we were together. I started going around, and she followed on my arm like we were together. Seeing as we were similar ages and dressed alike, no one would have guessed we were strangers.

I tried to engage her in small talk, but her answers were always treated like she was Bulma. Well, sort of. Her answers weren’t always that good, and I quickly got a sense she might have seen a been of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, but that she wasn’t someone who watched every episode or anything. Still, even though she called me Vegeta after I told her my real name like three times, it was still really great having a cute girl on my arm, so I sort of just went with it.

I went to the last panel I wanted to see for the day. The comic-con was taking place at a hotel, and I had a room for the entire weekend, so I was going to head up to my room. I was supposed to share it with the person who cancelled on me, but as I said, they weren’t there. They at least paid for half of it, so I was happy to have the place to myself.

I decided it was time to cut things off with Bulma, and chill in my room. I was going to get out of my outfit and then go order pizza. After that, I was going the hit up the manga library and read, as it was open much later than the panels.

“I’m going to go…” I told her in a firm voice.

“Then, let’s go, darling?” She responded, causing me to feel lost about what to do.

“Ah… I’m going to go train!” I made a gruff Vegeta voice, now starting to feel a little desperate to get rid of her.

“Always training!” She said angrily, but then her tone changed. “You know… I could help you train… in some things?”

She didn’t leave much to the imagination with her tone of voice. I had heard the words, don’t stick it in crazy, but when you’re a virgin, how could you not?

I brought her up to my room, and then I had my first time. I don’t think it was her first time, since there was nothing like blood. I put it in, and after that I didn’t care who the hell she wanted to call herself.

“Ahhn! Vegeta! Harder! Give me that Saiyan cock!”

You’d think it would have been weird, but I was a weeb dressed as Vegeta, so the more she got into it, the more I joined her. I started moaning Bulma’s name not actually knowing her own. I had her dress up and her panties off, but I remained fully dressed, just slipping it out of the top. I was way too embarrassed to show my whole body. As for Bulma, she didn’t seem to mind as I popped her tits out of the top of her dress and play with them while I thrust into her.

“Vegeta! Yes… yes! I’m almost there!”

Of course, I was a virgin, so just hearing she was almost there was enough to make me blow my load. If we hadn’t been cosplaying and it didn’t all feel super awkward, I would have already busted my nut. I didn’t even consider protection. In retrospect, I was a dumb kid. Anyway, just as I reach the finale, I went for broke.


“Ahhhn… yes… yes… give it to me!”


“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Ha!!!!!” I shoved it as deep as it would go.

Yes… I kamehameha’d. Vegeta doesn’t even do that. That’s Goku’s move. I feel like I let weebs down everywhere, but don’t judge me, I was getting some hot Bulma pussy. It was even worse than you imagine. Even though I was cumming, I still made the hand motions. Upon reflection, this was the most embarrassing thing I could imagine, but at the time, it felt super sexy. I was pretty sure she came too, because I could feel her womanhood contracting on it.

I collapsed next to her, and she snuggled up and held me. I was really at a loss what to do next. I had sex, and my first time was probably exactly like I would have dreamed it being, at least the me of that time. However, now I had this crazy girl in bed with me. I ended up going to sleep with her in my arms and… she was there the next day.

Yeah, you probably thought she’d rob me or take off as a ghost in the night. As it turned out, she wasn’t completely crazy. She was apparently a big theater buff and was trying to do method acting. When I worried our method acting went too far, she laughed and said that if she wasn’t into it, she wouldn’t have gone all the way. She said she was on the pill and clean, and the only reason she did it without protection was because I had mentioned I was a virgin. I didn’t remember saying that, but she said that in her experience, virgin guys stuggle to get condoms on and can’t get it up. Since she was on the pill, she didn’t mind doing it raw for fun.

We hung out the rest of that weekend, except dressed as our normal selves, and even had sex again in my room. We talked about going steady, but I lived four hours away from comic-con and she lived one hour the opposite direction. We tried to exchange messages for a bit, but every reply took longer than longer.

When I started to get tickets for the next years comic-con, I tried to see if she was coming. I was hopefully we could start off where we left off. Maybe, we could have a conference-only relationship. However, she never responded. I heard a year or two later that she did a similar thing every year, grabbing a random weeb and becoming his weekend girlfriend, but I never did see her again myself and that was just a rumor I heard.

I’m not angry about it. Rather, if I saw her again, I’d probably thank her. She actually gave me a lot of confidence, so when I did finally find a girl into the same things as me, I didn’t chicken out when it came to starting a relationship. She turned out to be my test run, and as a result, I’ll never forget my Bulma fling.