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“You shouldn’t be here…” A voice brought Harry out of his stupor.

“This hallway is Slytherin territory…” A second voice finally caused Harry to glance around.

He had been deep in thought, trying to guess what the third tournament would be for the Triwizard cup. He’d already faced dragons and merfolk and came out triumphant. The end result was that he hadn’t been paying attention as he walked up the staircases. As it turned out, he ended up walking down a strange hallway that he did not recognize. Even though Harry had been attending Hogwarts for four years, he still found himself running into sections he did not recognize.

As for the voices, they came from a pair of twin girls who stepped out to either side of him. He only had vaguely recalled these girls, mostly on account of them being twins. They both liked to wear green, which was fitting as their Slytherin robes also contained traces of green in them. Both girls wore deadpan expression and had straight, long brown hair parted down the sides of their oval faces. They were pretty girls, with slender bodies and pale skin, but Harry had never paid them much mind, being in the same house as Malfoy.

“Oh… um… Flora… Hestia…” Harry just managed to recall the two girl’s names, these were the Carrow twins. “Sorry then, I’ll be heading the other way.”

The two girls looked at each other, exchanging a knowing glance before moving to either side of him, preventing Harry from moving either forward or back the way he came.

“That won’t do, Harry…” one of the girls said, Harry didn’t know either of them well enough to know which.

“Not at all.” The other added.

Harry sighed, fearful that these girls were up to no good. They were Slytherin girls, after all, and there wasn’t a wizard who went bad who didn’t come from their house. It wasn’t that Harry wasn’t willing to be friends with someone in Slytherin, it was just that everyone in Slytherin Harry knew was a bit of a twat, Malfoy being the biggest example that came to mind. Harry wondered if he could distract them long enough to hide in his invisibility cloak. He dreaded them getting a hold of Filch, who seemed to have it out for Harry personally of recent.

“What is it then?” Harry demanded. “Out with it.”

“How did you get your name in the goblet, Harry?” The girl in front asked.

“We really want to know.”

Harry shook his head. It was about that, after all. Everyone was convinced Harry put his name in the goblet of fire, but it wasn’t true! He never signed up for fighting dragons or saving his bed friend from sea creatures! However, besides Cedric, he was the only other Hogwarts boy who was in the Triwizard tournament, so even Slytherin girls would be curious.

“Did Malfoy put you up to this?” Harry asked.

“Malfoy?” The girl put on a displeased look.

“Don’t mention that tool in front of us!” the other girl said. “We’re not interested in Malfoy.”

The girls spoke with a certain degree of hostility when they heard Malfoy’s name. Apparently, they had some history with him. Harry admitted he was a little curious. He wondered if Malfoy had tried to use his position to possibly molest the twins. Harry wouldn’t be surprised. After having those thoughts, he realized there was something odd in the way the girl next to him had spoken that last line. In fact, both girls were looking at him strangely. It cost something to stir in Harry a bit.

“You’re not interested in him? Is that saying you’re interested in me?”

Both girls suddenly broke out in smiles. They were cold smiles that didn’t touch their eyes, but there was something about them that caused a stirring in Harry’s groin. Both girls looked a lot prettier when they smiled, which is something he didn’t think he had ever seen them do before.

“We saw you defeat that dragon, Harry…” the first one said.

“And put your friends first.” The other touched Harry’s arm gently. “We were attracted to your strength.”

“Huh? But… you’re Slytherin.”

The girl in front pursed her lips. “People always think so poorly of our house, but Slytherin’s are ambitious. What is wrong with ambition?”

“For many guys…” The other girl continued. “Ambition means being the strongest or having the most power. We too envy power. And we see that power in you…”

As the two girls spoke, they moved forward, and Harry stepped back until he found himself pressed against a door in the hallway, the twins completely barricading him in.

“My power?”

“Flora here loves powerful men.” The one on the right said, nodding to her sister.

“Hestia has had a crush on you ever since she heard about the Basilisk!” The other girl shot back.

“I don’t understand it…”

“What’s not to understand? We’re from the house of Slytherin. You’re too used to shy little Hufflepuffs and stoic Gryffindors. Slytherins take what they want.” Flora explains, her voice still devoid of emotion.

“And we want you…” Hestia finished.

The door Harry was leaning against sudden popped open and he stumbled back. The girls didn’t show any sign of backing up, instead of taking several steps into the room. In fact, Hestia gave a deadly grin as she shut the door behind her and locked it. Harry looked around, still feeling like he was dreaming. The room they were in had a big fluffy bed in the middle. The light was dim, hundreds of candles setting a strangely romantic mood. Harry would have thought this was something the two had set up, but their eyes widened as they looked around just as he did.

“Hey, Flora, I heard of a certain room that gives you whatever you require, do you think this is it?”

Hestia gave a slight nod. “It seems like this is fate for us to have Harry right now.”

“H-have?” Harry backed up until his legs hit the bed and then he fell back on it.

When he collapsed on the bed, it was only then that they noticed the bed had several straps on it. Furthermore, the nightstand next to the bed had an assortment of adult items. There was a small mountain of condoms, a dildo, a ball gag, and even a whip. Harry was a young teenage boy and a complete virgin, so naturally, the reality of where he was lying caused his face to turn flushed.

As for the pair of twins, they immediately moved forward and crawled onto the bed, seemingly throwing away all propriety and care.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Harry gasped as he watched the two beautiful sisters crawl up to the bed towards him like two predators attacking their prey.

“We want to see how ambitious you are, Harry…” Flora purred.

“We heard you could have been a Slytherin, we want to see if that’s true…” Hestia finished.

“H-how can I?”

The two girls rose up on either side of Harry, sitting on their knees with Harry lying back between them. His heart beat rapidly as he watched the two beautiful women looking down at him. They both reached up and grabbed their robes, and at the same time pulled them open. Harry’s eyes nearly popped as their robes parted and fell down to their sides. Neither girl was wearing a bra, and two naked chests were bared in front of Harry’s eyes.

The girls weren’t large chested, but they were still delicate things, about a handful each, with pink, hard nipples on the ends. Upon seeing the twin’s twins, Harry’s eyes grew hungry. A dark desire deep inside him seemed to swell up. It made the scar on his forehead tingle, but rather than pain, it felt like red-hot lust. Harry’s cock grew incredibly hard, blood flowing into it more thoroughly than he had ever imagined in the past. His cock swelled until even he was surprised by the size.

The twins looked down and noticed the massive thing emerging from his robes, and their own eyes grew with greed and lust. The twins attacked Harry’s robes, quickly taking off his clothing. He helped them until he was lying naked on the bed, his cock standing harder and thicker than it ever had in the past. The Carrow twins could only lick their lips hungrily and then bend down over Harry’s crotch while stripping off the remainder of their robes.

He gasped as a thin hand wrapped around his balls, and a pair of lips attacked the head of his cock. They were accompanied by a second pair of lips which attacked the side of his shaft. He felt two wet tongues licking his cock at once. Harry’s eyes rolled up in his head and he let out a moan as the feelings of their mouths were transmitted through his glans. Harry could barely grasp what was happening, but he honestly didn’t care anymore. He was in a bed with two hot girls. Not just hot girls, but twin sisters! These Slytherin sluts could hand Harry’s Gryffindor all night!

“Mmm…” one of the girls let out a moan as she licked her tongue up and down his shaft.

The other girl sucked roughly on his balls. Once again, he had lost track of which one was Flora and which one was Hestia, but he didn’t care! They continued to suck on his dick and balls until they felt sore and ready to explode. However, Harry didn’t want to lose his nut without at least tasting these beautiful women first. Once again, that dark feeling inside him radiated out, his cock swelled up again, removing his urge to cum all over the twin’s faces.

“Bend over!” Harry ordered, sitting up.

The girl, he was pretty sure it was Flora, blinked in surprise, and then gave a smile. “Harry, your eyes are looking at me strangely. You’re not becoming a dark wizard, are you?”

Harry reached over and grabbed the whip from the nightstand. “You two are the naughty witches who thought they could push me down on this bed, bend over and receive your penalty. Ten from Slytherin.”

 The two girls gasped as Harry walked around the bed and shoved them both down. They couldn’t help but shiver as they glanced into Harry’s eyes. They held a darkness and power that tantalized and excited the pair of them. Had they known Harry had such a dark and powerful inner demon… they would have cornered him sooner.

“Ahhh!” Flora cries out as the whip lands on her butt.

“Count them…” Harry orders, holding the whip in one hand and stroking his cock with the other.

“O-one…” Flora sniffs, feeling a little aggrieved that Harry would hit her so hard.

“Ooooowww!” Hestia’s eyes widened.

She didn’t realize he was hitting so hard. She too felt like this was unpleasant. Yet, at the same time, with Harry behind her, his dark eyes on her naked body, she was afraid to move. That was when, to her horror, she realized that she had never been more excited. Her sister cried out again as the whip landed. Her face was flushed and she was breathing hard. Since they were twins, Hestia instantly knew that her sister had cum from that hit. She didn’t know her twin was a masochist… but then again, she hadn’t realized she was either!

Harry continued to whip each girl in turn. Liquid ended up running down both their legs as tears fell own their cheeks. They had never been more terrified, and more aroused. They didn’t know what they wanted more, to run away and hide, or to submit themselves to this powerful man who seemed to have complete control of them. Both girls could only stand there, bent over the bed, shivering, as Harry cruelly played with them. Their asses were already bright red and hot to the touch.

“Th-that’s ten…” Flora said, her face a complete wreck now from the tears she shed.

“That was ten each, you dumb Slytherin cunts,” Harry growled.

The more he succumbed to the darkness, the better he felt. His scar was throbbing in the same step as his cock. He felt so incredibly powerful right now. He could do anything to these women. They were his for the taking. He could even do a torture curse on them, and they’d only come to love it. He kept hitting the girls, another five whips each. In the end, they had only taken ten lashes each, but Harry hadn’t restrained himself at all. Both girls had noticeable welts on their butts. If they wanted to sit down for the next few days, it would clearly be a difficult thing to do.

They had both collapsed on the bed now, unable to remain standing under the embarrassment and pain. When Harry realized how far he had gone, there was a part of him that held some regret, but then he noticed certain liquids leaking from the girls. In fact, they both smelled particularly fragrant, and Harry realized that rather than hurt, these girls seemed to be extremely aroused. Harry’s cock throbbed again, and the darkness wiped away his doubts.

“Spread your cheeks!” Harry ordered the twin girls.

They both reached back, moving on command without resistance, like two house elves, spreading apart their buttcheeks and showing Harry their inner shame. They each had a pink pussy engorged and aroused. They were leaking a little bit of liquid down their legs and had made the mattress soaked by their naughtiness. It was clear the girls even did this kind of care together, as they both had identically shaved pubic hair patches right above their clits. They had clearly cleaned up for Harry, so Harry thought nothing of taking the next step.

Kneeling at the end of the bed, he plunged his face deep into Flora’s spread cheeks. His nose pushed up against her butthole and his tongue dived deep into her slutty cunt. Flora let out a gasp as she was violated. Harry tasted her sweet, dripping pussy. The taste was incredible, and as he ate her up, his cock seemed to swell even larger! Of course, he could never settle for one since he had been handed twins, so he pulled away from Flora and then had his fill of Hestia next.

He brought his tongue in and out of her over and over again, flicking it up against her hole. He had both women’s fluids all over her face and he didn’t even mind. He had never even seen a naked girl before, and now he had eaten a girl’s pussy. He loved the taste of this dirty Slytherin sluts the best. However, how could he stop there?

Getting up, he grabbed Hestia’s butt and pulled her towards him, raising her hips forcefully off the mattress. In a single swift motion, he shoved his throbbing cock deep into her womanhood.

“Gaaa… it’s inside!” Hestia let’s out a moan of disbelief.

Just like that, her virginity had been taken from her. She never would have thought it would have been so abrupt and impersonal. The man himself didn’t even look her in the eyes, instead of plowing her ass from behind like his own personal bitch. That’s exactly how the twins felt at the moment. They felt like dogs being forced to serve their master. So, if that was the case, why did it arouse the pair so much? Hestia found herself orgasming against Harry’s dick. She never expected it to be so big and feel so good. She had been so turned on and numbed by the pain of her whipping, that it was only the pleasure of Harry’s cock that transferred through.

Harry’s cock came out of Hestia’s pussy with several red streaks on it. It was clear that Hestia’s virginity was annihilated by that cock. Flora waiting eagerly to have her virginity stripped too, but was shocked with Harry rolled her over. She winced as her raw butt came in contact with the sheets of the bed, but didn’t have time to dwell on it as Harry dragged her halfway off the bed. Her eyes barely could widen when he had a hold of her head and was shoving his dick in her mouth.

Harry’s eyes looked dark and malevolent. He truly looked like he who shall not be named himself! Flora had no choice but to open wide as Harry’s cock slid into her mouth. That cock had just been in her sister’s pussy. More than that, it was covered in her sister’s virgin blood. Flora closed her eyes and sucked, tasting the sex of her sister. So, this was what losing your virginity tasted like?  Flora’s eyes widened in wonder. Once she had a taste, she didn’t find it bad at all.

However, Harry didn’t let up. He grabbed the back her head and pushed it down, forcing his cock deep into her the back of her throat. Flora continued to suck as hard as she could, afraid of displeasing her master, she meant Harry… She coughed and choked several times as his cock was thrust into the back of her throat. Tears fell down her face as she looked to Hestia for comfort. Hestia had a look that just said she was glad it wasn’t her having her throat fucked that way.

For Harry, Flora’s mouth felt amazing, but not quite as good as a virgin pussy. When he pulled his cock out of her mouth, saliva and spit went running down Flora’s chin. Not even giving her time to wipe, Harry grabbed Flora and picked up her lower half. Any restraint he might have had was long gone, and he plowed his wet dick into her snatch just as roughly as her sister.

“Ahhhn!” Flora moaned, almost coming just from the feeling of splitting open.

With her head on the bed and her butt and feet lifted up in Harry’s arms, he started to jackhammer Flora. His dick was merciless, taking extreme pleasure from her vagina. This wasn’t the kind of sex either sister had imagined. As twins, they had, of course, talked about the ways they thought they’d lose their virginity. Never did they think it’d be such rough, one-sided treatment. The only thing more shocking was how much the both of them loved it.

Both girls were crying, but they were partial tears of joy. Even with masturbation, the girls were never able to find this much delight. Both had cum nearly a half-dozen times on Harry’s cock.

“Shit… I’m cumming!”

Flora let out a cry. “I’m not safe… not inside!”

Of course, Harry had no intention of pulling out. He was ravenous, and Flora’s pussy felt so good that he didn’t want to stop fucking it. A few moments later, his cock exploded.

“No… stop… pull out!” Flora cried, looking over at her sister tearfully.

Hestia could only look on in shock as she saw Harry slamming her sister’s cunt. She could hear Harry orgasming, and she realized at that moment he was cumming in her sister. Twins or not, she felt relief that Harry had enjoyed her first and finished inside her sister. She, too, did not want to be pregnant. On the other hand, she had a strange sort of uneasiness. She felt slightly jealous that her sister received his cum.

While Hestia was touching her empty womb, Flora’s eyes rolled up in her head as she felt hot spunk explode inside her. She had told him not to, and Harry had still cum inside her! She wanted to be angry with him, but for some reason, the feeling of him cumming inside her aroused her even more. She could feel the hot stuff filling her womb. She was a young teenage girl. Some would say she wasn’t even ready for sex, let alone having a child. However, if it was Harry’s child… then maybe…If not, there was always the spell Abortus Feteus.

Harry finally collapsed between the two women. The two girls were too stunned by Harry’s sudden display to truly react. Instead, they simply put their arms around and held him. They were Harry’s women. That was certain. As Flora touched her womb still full of seed, she was especially certain of that fact.

When Harry woke up a few hours later, his sexual appetite had diminished. His scar had returned dormant. He looked down on the two naked girls on either arm. They were identical sisters, and he had pushed down and abused both of them. One of the girls he had even made pregnant, and for the life of him, he didn’t know which one! The girls had fallen asleep waiting on Harry. He carefully pulled his arms out from under both of them.

He got the pair to hug each other in his place. He stared down at the naked Carrow twins. This entire night was like a wonderful dream, but if these girls went around spreading rumors, it’d make Harry’s situation even more difficult. There was, of course, Cho Chang, who Harry had a crush with, and then there was Hermione. This was just a happy accident.

He pulled his wand from the pile of clothing on the floor and pointed it at the two girls.

“Obliviate.” He said, casting the memory charm he had once learned from a certain corrupt dark arts teacher.

He finished getting dressed, wiped all traces of his presence, and left the room, heading back the Gryffindor Commons. As for the baby he left in Flora Carrow’s belly, that’d be something she’d have to figure out on her own.