My penname is Terrance Phillipe, otherwise known as Whatsawhizzer or just Whizzer. I started writing shortly after my son passed away, and slowly have been gaining internet presence the last ten years. Officially, I’m a biologist and a science educator, but I also enjoy writing.

I wrote for some time on, where I finished a book called Hawtness, grew some popularity with Wattpad 101, a self-help guide for new writers, and eventually started publishing on My books failed to gain any traction on

In the meantime, I was a late comer to Japanese anime. Under my wife’s encouragement, I started watching anime, then watched more anime. Eventually, I shifted to manga, and when I couldn’t stomach slow manga releases I started reading webnovels.

When I reached the end of “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”, and noticed that the translator was AWOL, I decided to try my hand at MTL translating. I started with two chapters that had been “skipped”, and after a strong degree of support, I picked up the series and translated once a week. Numerous other translators contacted me wanting to help, and eventually Bakapervert led the charge, allowing us to complete the Arifureta main story line on my site, although it had to eventually be removed for copyright reasons. At one point, this website was getting 1/2 million views a day.

However, at that time, I wasn’t writing too much. So, my site dwindled for a while. I ended up becoming an affiliate of Machineslicedbread… I noticed they translated erotic novels. I had it in my mind that writing niche, erotic novels would show more success on amazon, so I attempted to do as such, using MSB as the testing ground.

I ended up founding the “original novel” section on machineslicedbread. After writing my first novel, Tales of a Seductress, I decided to try fan-support rather than a “pay-per-story”. I continued to do it, writing TOAE and Power of Creation as a side hobby until I started a story called World of Women, which became way more successful than I expected. After an extreme number of donations flowed in between V1 and V2, I started upping my game, using fiverr and fan support to handle the tasks such as illustrations, while delivering more and more writings until I reached my current state.

My goals are to start a science channel, and continue to write, teach, and entertain. I’m currently a science teacher on the side, but I also hope to continue to produce content for you guys for years to come.