Zenovia sighed, tapping her long, manicured fingernails on the table in front of her. She lifted up a glass cup to her lips and drank the bitter liquid down, the warmth not quite enough to satisfy her taste for a hot drink. At the very least, the drink was caffeinated, so it’d keep her going throughout the monotonous tasks throughout the rest of the day.

The door opened briefly, and a large imposing beast of a man stepped into the room. Behind him, the horrific noises of her unfortunate job drifted into the room before the door closed and cut off the sound. Zenovia could only shiver as she considered the thought of going back out there.

“Hey, Zen, how’s the day going?” The man asked as he went up to the fridge, digging around for food that he probably didn’t bring himself.

Zenovia glanced over at him and frowned. “Carl, it’s too cold out there today. Why do you men always keep it so cold.”

“Haha… you’re always complaining about the temperature, if we had it your way, the entire place would be on fire.”

“What’s so wrong with that?” She demanded.

“We have to work there too… if you’re so uncomfortable, how about you put on a sweater.”

“Hmph… so I go out of my way to dress in appropriate clothing, and you want me to put a sweater on? How do you think my clients would react if they saw me wearing a sweater!”

“They might be able to focus more on what you’re doing…”

The cup in Zenovia’s hand suddenly shattered, causing the man to freeze. “What are you implying?”

The man shivered. His back was still turned away from Zenovia as he dug in the fridge, but he could feel her eyes on him.

“I-it’s nothing… it’s just that…” He finally found something and pulled it out of the fridge and turned to her.

Zenovia had her arms crossed and was glaring at him. This, of course, pushed those up and together, making their size more obvious. Carl was smart enough to not look at them.

“Just what?” She demanded angrily.

“It’s just… some of the guys… not me… of course… they’ve been saying… well you know…”

“Are you saying that because of my looks, my clients only focus on my body and not my work?”

“N-no… that’s ridiculous…”

“That’s sexist!”

“I-I didn’t say anything!”

“You bastards! Even though I get results, you still think that I only got here with my looks! I worked hard in order to get on the racks. Even though they told me it was a boy’s work, I get the best numbers out of any of you!”

“Ah… I have to go…” Carl quickly made an excuse to try to leave the room.

“One day, I’m going to show you all! I’m going to be the boss’s right-hand woman, and you’ll all take orders from me!”

“Wh-whatever you say, you crazy bitch!” Carl ducked out the room just as a glass came shattering against the door.

Zenovia had an openly furious expression on her face, but she didn’t chase him out into the work area unless she gets berated. After about five minutes, she managed to calm down slightly.

“Bitch… huh…” She mused to herself in a gentle whisper.

She didn’t try to be a problem, but a lot of men felt threatened by her position. They felt that a woman had no place in this field. It was a job that required a lot of physical labor and some would call messy. They felt she’d be better placed in a job where she could take advantage of her incredible looks. What nobody would have believed was that the entire reason she had made it here was because of a guy that she had a crush on.

At the end of it all, Zenovia was here looking for love. If anyone heard about it, they would assuredly laugh. The reason she was here was because of her boss, Beel. She had been enamored with Beel since she was a small child, but she always knew he was out of her reach. He started in the racks, so it was her dream to make it to the racks. Only there, could she find a man who was worthy enough to be her lover. She longed to find the next boss, her boss. Was that a little weird?

Zenovia just wanted a man to hold her down. She wanted to be tamed. She didn’t mind if he was rough with her, as long as he made her his. She was a submissive at heart and desperately wanted a man to control her.

Well, none of the guys on the rack were worth it. She had even dated one or two, and the dates were always disastrous. She eventually grew a reputation as a man-hater and a crazy bitch, and none of the other men would even look at her twice. The entire reason she was there was a fool’s errand. She had come to realize that there was only one Beel, and no man would ever come to compare. She didn’t dare try to pursue him. She knew her place in this world, and she could never reach his height.

“I really am pathetic, aren’t I?” She felt a small tear fall down her cheek and then wiped it away quickly, looking around the empty breakroom and reminding herself that she was alone.

At that moment, the door opened again. She was about to fly into a rage, but the man who walked in, an imposing fellow with dark skin and a large nose, was actually her superior. She had I’d him a bit back in the day, but he was a company man at heart and didn’t have the creativity or will to push against the current regime. In short, he was weak. Zenovia still had to treat him with respect, so she smiled at him politely, happy she had managed to wipe the evidence of her tears away.

“Yes, Daman?” She asked.

“Zenovia, we have a new client incoming.”

Her expression turned bitter, “What about it?”

He sighed as if he didn’t want to put up with her shit any longer. “You’re good at these incomers. You can orientate him and get him accustomed to his stay.”

Her bitter expression grew into a frown. “That’s because the guys all intimidate them. They want to swing their cocks around and act like the top dog. Let me guess? A guy? They always treat new guys like a personal challenge!”

He sighed, “Zenovia…”

“Maybe if you’d hire more women with a softer touch, you could have greater retainment!”

“Zen!” He growled. “Enough of this. You’re the best at this, so you’ll do it.”

“Yet, I haven’t been offered a promotion in decades!”

“We’ll be getting an evaluation upcoming in the next few months. Just do your job well, and maybe I won’t file a personal complaint against you.”

“A complaint, for what?”

“Creating a hostile work environment…” He shot back. “Many of the guys have been complaining lately. Your retainment right now is about the only reason you’re still working here. And they even say that this isn’t without reason…” 

His eyes fell lewdly to my chest, and I felt a rising fury inside me.

“A hostile work environment! What the hell? Are they men?”

“Enough! Just do the job, Zen, and maybe you can stay around passed evals.” He slammed the door before Zenovia could say more.

Zenovia scrapped my hand across the table, causing claw marks to appear on the table, my eyes red with fury. Angrily, Zenovia stood up and went to the restroom. She placed her whip on the bathroom sink and then quickly checked herself in the mirror. She made sure she was presentable.

First, Zenovia checked her leather bodice. It hugged her body tightly with long lacey straps. Her large breasts popped out the top, showing almost all of the cleavage possible from her large DD breasts. Underneath, Zenovia wore a lacey thing that barely covered her butt and crotch. Of course, there was no hair down there, let alone a tan line, so the light red skin was smooth around her barely covered regions. It was always eyecatching, but most of her coworkers were used to it. Only the clients were always shocked when they saw her like this. However, this was the way Zenovia dressed, so they could just deal with it.

Zenovia retightened her knee-high leather boots, fixed up her hair, polished her horns, grabbed her whip, and then pushed out into the workplace. As soon as the door opened, the screams, cries, and yells exploded. It was a tune Zenovia was used to at this point. She crossed her arms, causing her chest to pop out even more to the point where it wouldn’t be surprising if a nipple popped out at any moment. Yet, Xenovia who was 100% comfortable like this would never allow a part to show she didn’t want. She was crossing the bridge over a river of lava, but she still felt it was too cold. What could she say? She liked it hot? She’d never admit it had anything to do with the outfit.

She walked passed countless rows of people, all tied down onto large metal crosses. Some of them were unconscious. Some were screaming. A few actually had one of my coworkers with them, who was actively playing with their charges. Xenovia reached her own work area, which was surprisingly empty compared to the others. She was usually sent new charges, intended to acclimate them to their new environment. Once they were ready to handle the other men, they were sent over to them.

Some of her charges were sent back when they looked ready to break. Once they broke, they weren’t allowed on the racks anymore. It would be pointless. In that respect, you could say that Zenovia’s job was orientation and retention. However, it really was her dumb coworker’s fault that the racks had such a retention problem. Once you lost a client, you couldn’t get them back, and some coworkers seem to take pride in breaking their clients the quickest.

As Zenovia waited, she checked on her charges. She made sure to feed the birds. The men screamed splendidly when they tore into their guts. She made sure to tighten screws and straps, reopen healed wounds, rebreak healed parts, and overall go about her duties with skill and precision.

It was at this point there was a flash above. Zenovia could see a man falling from the massive hole in the reddened sky. He was falling directly toward her workspace, so she suspected that this was the new charge she was assigned. He ended up landing directly onto one of the racks, the chains instantly wrapping around and binding him without Zenovia needing to do it.

Zenovia found this to be interesting. The racks had a life of their own, and the portal in the sky did as well. Usually, they’d just dump souls in the right area. It was for that reason Xenovia had been informed about his coming, so that she could be there to grab him when he fell. However, the man had instantly been held down by the racks themselves. It was as if this very world was afraid of him being free. Only those who were extremely dangerous were treated like this. However, VIPs didn’t usually end up on the racks, they were taken in personally by Beel.

Zenovia approached the man with some interest, but as she got a good look at him, her initial interest and excitement dulled a bit. In the end, he looked like a very ordinary man. He was in his twenties, With brown hair and brown eyes. He was in a business suit, which meant he might have been a lawyer or a businessman. Both types were common in these parts. In fact, this guy appeared so average, that there was absolutely nothing about him of note.

He was panting with the typical confused expression on his face. Rapidly looking around as he got used to the lighting, sounds, and heat that made up the rest of his eternity. His eyes finally fell on Zenovia. She waited for a second, but then hid her surprise when his eyes didn’t immediately fall to her tits. Zenovia had orientated a hundred-thousand men, and every one, despite finding themselves in this horrific environment, would always peak down and look. In fact, She’d always have to repeat parts of her orientation because they were too busy feasting on her body.

It was actually this that she liked most. She always liked their lewd looks to turn to horror as she began to work. This man, strangely, gave her no satisfaction. Instead, he looked right into her eyes and watched her, his eyes steady and his body exuding not the least amount of fear.

“Who are you, and where is this place?” He demanded.

He spoke first. It was a first for Zenovia to have a human speak to her before she could say anything. She quickly recovered from her flustered look. Zenovia wasn’t some novice. She was a demon who had tortured a hundred-thousand souls. She had lived for thousands of years, and she definitely would let some guy who looked so unremarkable and average cause her to lose her game!

She shot him the darkest stare she could manage, pushing out her chest into his face. It was an extremely obvious move, but she felt relief when his eyes finally fell on her chest. This… this was the normal reaction. Feeling like she was back in control of the situation, she slapped her whip against her ass, creating a startling slap sound. It didn’t hurt her, but it startled humans. She could use the whip normally, but you needed some distance to crack it properly. It was easier just to slap it on her ass, as the noise was sudden and sharp, and the feeling was pleasing to her.

She grinned malevolently. “Heh… puny mortal! Welcome to Hell!”

His eyes drifted to her tits for only a second before they returned to her face. Usually, a man would feel fear. His expression would turn from confusion, the shock, to desperation. He might start crying, or begging, or telling her that this has to be a mistake. A few would be in such denial, that they would insist this was a practical joke until she started cutting.

However, this new charge said none of that. The expression on his face became one she’d never forget for the rest of her life. She didn’t know it at that moment, but it was an expression that would change her life from then on.

He smiled, and then he began to laugh. It was something that usually happened once someone was broken. They usually left the racks in this state. They didn’t come to them this way. Had he broken already, just with the announcement? She didn’t think so. There was something in his voice, it caused a tingling sensation in the back of her mind. She began to realize that this client might require some extra attention.

When his laughter died down, she pulled out her favorite knife and began to work. However, even as she cut, his eyes never left hers, and that smile on his face didn’t waver a single inch.