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A Hero's Vengeance Cover

A Hero’s Vengeance (Completed)

“Hero, congratulations on defeating the demon lord. Please tell this goddess what wish you would like to fulfill, and I will make it happen.”

“I’d like to rape and destroy every one who wronged me, starting with you!”

With the demon lord’s daughter in tow, the hero Lan goes on a quest to destroy his former party, even if it means destroying himself in the process.

Tags: Fantasy, Isekai, RC18, Revenge, Erotica, Male-Protagonist, Vengeful-Protagonist, OP-Protagonist, Rape, Sex

Automatic Girlfriend Series Cover

Automatic Girlfriend

When a guy brings home a sex doll he reclaimed from the garbage, he might be in for more than he expected. This doll is fully upgradeable, and the more he uses it, the more human she becomes. Can such a relationship even work? Aaron’s life will never be the same as he gains the ultimate designer girlfriend, but will it be too much for a loser virgin like him?

Tags: Scifi, Romance, RC18, Erotica, Male-Protagonist, Robots

Curing Corona Cover

Curing Corona (Completed)

A former marine is tasked with spreading the coronavirus vaccine. This has to be done through sexual transmission. Thus, he sets out to bang beautiful women across America.

Warning: Contains a lot of political commentary revolving around 2020 American politics and may not be for everyone. It makes fun of leftist politics.

Tags: Satire, RC18, Comedy, Political, Anal, Blackgirl, Latino, Feminist, Erotica, Mother-Daughter

Getting Lucky Cover

Getting Lucky

A guy was unlucky his entire life. Upon his death saving a small girl, he’s brought before the Goddess of Luck. Feeling pity on him, she offers him some of her own luck, decided how much by a role of the dice. He ends up taking more luck than either of them bargained for. As the luckiest man on Earth, a world he used to approach with pessimism and fear has suddenly opened any and every possibility for him.

Tags: Fantasy, Comedy, RC18, Erotica, Slice-of-Life, Male-Protagonist, Lucky-Protagonist, Poor to Rich

Rotation (4th Sunday)

I Reincarnated in the Hero’s Former Body and Now I’m Going to Live His Life!

When the hero defeats the demon lord, he decides to remain on his planet as a hero. To keep the demon lord from reincarnating, the goddess sends the demon lord’s soul to the hero’s body instead. Now he’s living the life that the hero once led on Earth. With a new chance in a new world, he will regain his lost power and take care of what the hero abandoned.

Tags: Fantasy, Comedy, Alternate World, Body Swap, Male-Protagonist, Demon Lord, Magic

Just another Brothel in the Apocalypse Cover

Just Another Brothel In The Apocalypse (Completed)

Jeremiah just had a job to do. He needed to inspect a new brothel that has appeared on the outskirts of town. In a post-apocalyptic age of raiders, slavers, mutants, and zombies, anyone setting up shop nearby could potentially be dangerous. However, as he reveals the new business model of this upcoming brothel, he realizes he might be in for more than he bargained for.

Tags: Fantasy, RC18, Psychological, Drama, RC18, Post-apocalypse, Short-story, Male-Protagonist, Brothel, Zombie, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Hardcore

Min's Story Cover

Min’s Story

A side tale from the Tales of a Seductress series. Although Aria has had an interesting adventure, Min had her own story. This follows Min from her origins through TOAS and parts of TOAE.

Tags: Dark Fantasy, Isekai, RC18, Psychological, Otherworld, Sword and Magic, Beautiful Female Lead, Bisexual-Protagonist, Female-Protagonist, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Level System, BDSM, Yuri, Anal, Big Dicks, Exhibitionism, Fellatio, Handjobs, Masturbation, Mind Break, Mind Control, Seduction, Gang Bang, Orgy, Adultery, Cunnilingus, Monsters, Monster Dicks, Demons, Rape, Appearance Changes, Threesome, Trans, Toys, Goblins

My Boss and I Cover

My Boss and I (Dropped)

My boss screwed me royally. One more promotion given to some woman instead of me. If I had breasts, he would probably move me up in the company as well! Instead, I’m getting sensitivity training and have to work directly under my boss. The next day, I wake up as a woman. Suddenly, working under my boss and getting screwed have an entirely different meaning!

Tags: Gender Bender, RC18, Office Setting, Boss, Goddess, Sex


The Coitus Exchange (Complete)

It all started with a single change. After finding out his wife was contacting her ex and daughter’s real dad, Jim realizes that things need to change. He has a wife who won’t touch him, a stepdaughter who won’t talk to him, and a job he hates. He’s been fat with no energy and no confidence for too long. However, a call to a beautiful exercise coach might just be the change he needs.

Tags: Modern, Drama, RC18, Netori, Affair, Harem, Comedy, Master-slave, Voyeur, Anal

The Zoo

This is a short story I half-finished and never completely finished. I hope by placing it up here, I might be able to finish it. That’s all. This is my personal pet project, so it wasn’t written with you guys in mind. I’m leaving it for members only.

Tags: Mystery, Psychological, Male-Protagonist, Confinement, Aliens, Kidnapping