These are the first, or first couple, or chapters for story ideas I came up with. I come up with many, many, many ideas that I could shape into novels. Sometimes, I like to just throw stuff on a page and see what sticks. I never quite now how an idea in my head would play out until I put it to paper. Since some people enjoy reading these, I post them to you.

These are NOT stories I’m picking up, but they are stories I could pick up if they garner enough popularity. These are also stories I would continue under sponsorship. Several of my current novels started as concepts. Here is a list of my concept chapters. Stories that have more than 10 chapters don’t end up here.

A Girl on the Streets, a Ghost in the Sheets : Dylan was an unpopular poor kid at school, written off as a delinquent by teachers and students alike. When the most popular girl in school suddenly throws herself at him and they have a passionate night of love, he discovers she was actually possessed by a lovestruck ghost! Now, that ghost is willing to do whatever it takes to win his love, and use every beauty at school to do it!

Tags: Fantasy, Erotica, RC18, Male-Protagonist, Unpopular Protagonist

Dual Cultivation Master Wang : This was actually what Rise of the Midnight King was originally supposed to be. However, that story got too much plot. It’s intended to end up on Webnovel (if I wrote it) Well, Rise of Midnight didn’t do popular, you’ll have to let me know if this does.

Tags: Action, Adventure, Isekai, Cultivation, Harem, Humor, Romance, Male-Protagonist, Xian Xia

Friend Zone – A guy that is always in the friend zone is given a devilish power to finally leave it and have any woman he wants.

Tags: Fantasy, Male-Protagonist, Unpopular Protagonist, Demons

Hellbound – A devil woman who works on the racks in Hell discovers one of her charges is more than he appears. A strong man needs a strong woman. Can they together overturn Hell?

Tags: Fantasy, Female-Protagonist, Demons

I Don’t Want To Be A Protagonist! : A guy reincarnates in another world, but realizes at a young age that he’s a protagonist. With skills being learned easily and quest markers guiding his every action, this is game that quickly becomes boring to play.

Tags: Fantasy, Other World, Male-Protagonist, RPG, Level System

Mistress Kiki : In a world of beastkin, Kiki is a typical high school neko. When she discovers her big crush is secretly a masochist, can Kiki grow to become the Mistress he wants?

Tags: Fantasy, Erotica, Female-Protagonist, BDSM, Cat girls

Modern Warfare : After killing his cheating girlfriend and bestfriend, he gets a chance to start fresh in another world. He chooses the ability to summon and maintain an army with perfect loyalty. But is a mercenary group of Yandere women more than he can handle? (Yes… this was intended to be a different interpretation of Modern Weapons Cheat)

Tags: Fantasy, Other World, Isekai, Male-Protagonist, Yandere, Harem

Netori Master – A perverted loser at school accidentally breaks the seal of the demon Mammon. In return, Mammon gives him the ability to adjust one status a day. When these include things like affection and sensitivity, how could he not make every woman love him, and make himself powerful enough that no one could stop him!

Tags: Fantasy, Erotica, Wish Fulfillment, Male-Protagonist, Perverted Protagonist, Level System, Demons

NTR Isekai – A classroom is teleported to another world. A popular boy who has everything proceeds to lose it as he finds this world isn’t all that it seems. Pure Netorare.

Tags: Fantasy, Other World, Isekai, Netorare, Male-Protagonist

Pirate of the Storm : A man is found overboard with no memory and the mark of a pirate. After being enslaved, he takes the help of a witch and starts a journey to become the King of the Seas. (This concept was later retooled into The Last Dread Pirate).

Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Male-Protagonist, Pirates, Slavery, Magic

Please… Help me… A dark story following the idea of erotic reddit stories. A girl posts online explaining the story about how she was tricked, manipulated, and brainwashed by a stalker.

Tags: Mystery, Thriller, Erotica, Brainwashing, Manipulation, Stalker

Super H and His Six Vixens : A guy with superpowers starts to lose them. Must find and win the heart of each of six girls to regain all of his powers and save the world.

Tags: Fantasy, Harem, Male-Protagonist, Superpowers

The Devil’s Snare – When the popular girl sudden pushes him down and gives herself to him, a guy comes to realize she made a deal with the devil. Now she must become his sex slave and do whatever he wants or risk losing what is most important to her. However, the devil’s plans run deep, and soon her plan traps even more women as his slaves.

Tags: Fantasy, Erotica, RC18, Harem, Male-Protagonist, Demons

The Unseen Ghost : A guy whose presence is so thin that no one can see him gets fed up with the world that ignores him. Deciding he’s tired of being no longer seen, he sets out to expose himself in ways that will make it impossible for the world to continue to ignore him.

Tags: Fantasy, Supernatural, Erotica, RC18, Male-Protagonist